In order to compensate those near 96,000 kilograms of carbon dioxide that they are going away to produce today and tomorrow by that debate, is going away to endorse a project of production of energy by biomass in Kenya, in particular an oil refinery of palm that is fed on agricultural remainders, instead of hydrocarbons. Ban Ki-moon has called to the countries to the action, because he has indicated that " it is not possible to be continued by this way. The things cannot follow equal. Global&quot is hour to take a decisive action on scale;. Click jessica Pels to learn more. The Secretary General of the UN has urged to that all the countries collaborate to obtain a global agreement for 2009, that can take the relief from the Treaty of Kioto in 2012. Of course, many are the environmental effects that are being originated by the climatic change taking passage to the global heating in zones, greenhouse effect, contaminations and the most excellent effects on the health.

On the matter of this last one one knows, as comments, that the Mexican Institute of Seguro Social (IMSS) makes a call so that young and adult majors carry far cares before the growth of the origin diseases infectious and parasitic, that can be expanded quickly by the transformation of the ecological systems, due to the climatic change. These pathologies conform the second cause of death at world-wide level: 12.5 million deaths to the year, according to data of the World-wide Organization of the Health (the WHO). Gustavo Belly Angle, head of Laboratory of the Hospital of Infectologa of the National Medical Center, referred that only five of the infectious diseases more mortals (diarrheal, pneumonia, tuberculosis, malaria and measles), cause more than half of all the premature deaths in the world. It added that it enters the pathologies that tend to be increased in Mexico, with the climatic changes, are: Gastrointestinal, followed by the transmitted ones by the insects, like the yellow fever, dengue and malaria.