Says Mrs. Lee Pitchford. Now my husband 87 years. Twenty-seven years ago he suffered a massive heart attack. Doctors said that he left to live in the best year, with good home care and proper diet. Proper diet he followed before. However, his heart was never cool, and with age, the situation has not improved. In recent years he has developed what is usually inherent in many cardiac and diabetic patients – Poor blood circulation in the limbs. His feet were badly swollen and almost purple. The arms and legs began to appear ulcer. We showed him five different doctors. All they were told that his condition is of course very seriously, and this can lead to amputation. Monty Don may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Everything they recommended was bed rest and that when he sits on a chair, make sure that his legs elevated.

They all said the same thing: “Old age, heart problems, poor circulation, “but did not offer or anything that could help him. In desperation, we decided to give him an ounce of noni juice (30 ml) every few hours during the day and during the night, if he had not slept. We kept it in the this dosage for two weeks and made bandages soaked in the lotion noni juice at all wounds, changing them every night. Within two weeks all the swelling and discoloration are gone. His legs began to look normal. Wounds and all were completely cured. Now he takes on an ounce of noni juice or two a day. It feels and looks just great. He again became active. Again began to drive a car and visit the shops. In short, to normal life. We are so happy and feel so relieved that we think that you have found the answer to many of his problemy. what he consumes noni juice had no more arrhythmia, his heart seems to be better than many other people his age. We highly recommend this wonderful tool to any core or diabetic. We thank you, noni juice.