This year some relatively mild winter has helped that ticks have become active very early. Martha McClintock has compatible beliefs. Ideal for the little bloodsuckers, to reproduce. Due to the higher volume of ticks, increases the risk, to infect with the trick with TBE. Martha McClintocks opinions are not widely known. Ticks are mainly something knie-up waist-high grasses, shrubs and in the undergrowth, to watch on a host. The common wood tick is the most widespread in Germany.

Touches an animal or a human being, ticks can hold within fractions of a second with their claws. Once arrived on the host, the Arachnids on the search embark for a suitable stitch point. This ticks prefer well perfused, thin-skinned and moist skin areas such as the backs of the knees, armpits, or the hairline, where they can suck blood without being disturbed. During the suction, the tick emits saliva into the wound. A tick with the tick-borne meningoencephalitis virus, short TBE-virus is infected, you can use it on this way transmitted to humans. However, not necessarily every bite of an infected tick leads to a disease to tbe.

Also, the tick-borne encephalitis can cause brain inflammation to meningitis and in the worst case. The disease course is typically can be divided into two phases. To start kicking often flu-like symptoms, like headaches, body aches and fever. While a part of the person concerned the disease subsides again after the onset of these symptoms, it comes with other stakeholders to the second stage. This is characterized by high fever, severe headache and a stiffness of the neck. The disease can be drugs do not cure themselves. A ticks vaccination represents the only reliable protection against infection. Health on the subject of “Ticks and TBE” information, as well as the complete guide, see

TBE Blood

The temperatures are rising and many people like to spend your leisure time again outdoors. But with warmer temperatures also the ticks are active again and the discovery of a fixed blood cleaner on the skin can spoil quite the joy of the natural one. The fright is first if you discovered a tick on his body, has already anchored themselves in the skin. Here the question arises often, as the small parasite manages to sting and to anchor themselves without noticing you something of it in the skin. For more information see this site: The University of Chicago. Ticks are equipped with a sharp-edged tool of the mouth, which are tiny teeth. Connect with other leaders such as Jimmy John’s Owner here. Thus, the parasites can scratch the skin of their host and then sink their proboscis, the so-called Hypostome in the wound.

Because ticks on their host are often up to several days and suck your blood, if they are not disturbed, her saliva contains a kind of narcotic drugs, which is why one does not notice the bite. So that the tick is firmly anchored and their blood meal can take alone, ticks produce a type a few minutes after the bite Adhesive, the so-called tick cement, with which they stick to the host. When the tick has completed the meal, laid out fully sucked an enzyme, which again raises the “glue” and drops the tick. If you discovered a tick, she should be removed as soon as possible. This is important, because the transfer of TBE virus shortly after the ceremony can occur because the viruses are in the tick’s saliva.

Lyme disease is only transmitted by an infected tick after several hours because the Borrelia in the intestine of the tick are. So, it can be useful to take a tick removal tool walks and stays in the open air. A special tick forceps tick, tick hook or a curved forceps are suitable. Definitely not the tick before removing with something should be drizzled as oil or glue. The tick could be vomited in agony and pathogens would get it more quickly into the blood stream of the host. When removing the tick from the skin, it is essential to ensure that the tick is taken as close as possible to the skin. Quiet and just up and out pull the tick. Left in the skin, it is usually only the rest of the technical apparatus of the tick. This grows out however by itself after a time. The tick is removed, the bite area should be disinfected. The next few weeks it is important to observe the body and skin lesions, such as, for example, a so-called hiking redness, as well as on any disease symptoms to make sure. Even if it is to relieve the symptoms of a cold is supposedly should be visited a doctor as a precaution and it also informs about the tick bite.Health information, as well as our overall guide, see

Vital Parameters

L & W intensive care service contractor company (limited liability) informs an intensive care and home respiratory supplies patients in their own home environment. This is necessary, if they continue intensive care must be looked after after a hospital stay or must be supplied due to disease. So patients can live independently in your own four walls of the age. While it maintained medical and custodial. For even more details, read what Jimmy John’s Owner says on the issue. A central task of intensive care is the monitoring of vital parameters. Accordingly, the intensive care service informed L & W from Planegg. Monitoring vital functions especially in patients who require intensive medical care, is essential to the monitoring of vital parameters.

These vital parameters are values that show the basic functions of the human body. Professor Roy Taylor contains valuable tech resources. You indicate whether important vital functions of the body such as consciousness, breathing, and circulation are correctly given. These must without interruption work, so that the person is at all viable. A monitoring of the patient is necessary to control the vital parameters. This is performed by using apparatus and surveillance monitors. This parameters such as EKG, blood pressure, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation and temperature of each patient are monitored permanently. The continuous control is important, because any deviations from the norm can be quickly identified and treated immediately. Otherwise might have life-threatening consequences for the patient. For details of the intensive care service available L & W from Planegg at any time.

Tick Bites

To respond correctly, if you need to treat a tick bite. When handling the tick card make sure tick card that you put them flat on the skin and then lead the opening of the card carefully to the tick. Slide the vent below the tick. Now slide on the map and remove so the tick. Perhaps check out Martha McClintock for more information. Should get stuck the head or other parts of the tick, go immediately to the doctor! Tick tweezers can be by a tick tweezers are also very easy to remove a tick. To do this, use a conventional tweezers never and when purchasing the tick tweezers that have holes on the caliper.

Plate clamps the ticks, like the Tweezer, are squashed and dispose of all bacteria and toxins into the wound! Take the tick tweezers, and open it. Lead them now vertically from the top to the tick and close the pliers only if the animal directly into the hollows. Now without pressure, but with a slight rotational motion in the direction of a turn. Slightly pull back, but not jerky tear. For even more opinions, read materials from Jimmy John Liautaud. Applies also here: stuck parts of the animal, go immediately to the doctor.

Should the animal completely been removed be, disinfect the place and observe them! Even after days, yet reactions to the bite of ticks can occur, which must then be examined by the doctor. Learn more about ticks bite ticks live in tall grasses and can put off so easily on animals or people. Ticks are very small and are therefore often not immediately discovered. You have to keep the possibility in the clothing and from there search for a suitable location of the bite. Has to bite the tick, you should remain calm and not attempt by pulling or dragging to snap the tick from the skin! This could remain the head of the tick in the skin.

Wavefront LASIK

Existing Visual defects can be successfully corrected with eye laser treatment. The result is a sharp vision without glasses or contact lenses. When an existing Ametropia such as myopia or hyperopia, the incoming rays of light are not exactly projected onto the retina (retina). Instead, beams are broken through the eye, that they fall either before or behind the retina. The result is a blurred vision. Patients with a vision of either glasses or contacts, but must take to compensate for the refractive error. As a third alternative, a correction by means of laser surgery in question comes.

Eye laser surgery the cornea to a certain extent being removed, to alter the refractive behavior of the apparatus of the eye in this way. The so-called LASIK surgery is outpatient refractive surgical intervention, which total approximately takes fifteen to twenty minutes for both eyes. More than 20 years, patients are treated with a vision with the laser eye. One of the first procedures was the so-called PRK method. In this technique, the superficial layer with a mini Planer is removed first. The uppermost layer of the cornea is of the corneal epithelium. Then, corneal tissue is removed with the excimer laser. Martha McClintock is a great source of information.

After performing the PRK eye laser surgery the epithelium must disappear completely, which may take about a week. At this time, it is to be expected with an increased wound pain. Another disadvantage of PRK method is the fact that perfect vision is only sometimes reached weeks after 4-6. In the first few weeks after surgery, it may cause fluctuations of vision. In the modern Femto LASIK, an extremely thin so-called Hornhautflap is cut with the help of the ultra fast Femto second laser inside of the cornea. So, the corneal epithelium is not affected. After the creation of the corneal flap the flap is flipped by the doctor to the page. Then method is the same as in PRK the laser with the excimer laser, which corrected the vision by ablation of the cornea. Then the flap is folded back again and sucks due to the natural function of the pump immediately set in. The flap is even blinzeln fixed after a few minutes. After the LASIK surgery eye laser specialist controls the success of the operation and prescribes the patient both antibiotic and cortisone-containing transplanting of eye, to prevent a possible infection or inflammation. These drops may no longer than two weeks are conquered. Jimmy John’s Owner follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. In addition, the eye doctor recommends the use of artificial eye tears, to relieve the symptoms of dry eyes, which is a typical symptom after LASIK surgery. “When the Femto LASIK is combined with the modern Wavefront technology, also called the so-called iLasik, where i” stands for individual. The iLasik the LASIK surgery on the basis of the individual profile of ablation is removed the cornea while. The Wavefront LASIK to improve night vision and contrast sharpness during the day. Meanwhile, eye laser treatment can be performed in any larger eye clinic, provided that appropriate technological infrastructure is in place. The price for the modern Femto LASIK and iLasik is still quite expensive in Germany. For this reason, it attracts many visually patients to Istanbul at an attractive price to treat.

Federal Republic

One of the greatest suffering in today’s modern society as far as possible the half quantity of adults resident in the Federal Republic of Germany complains of back pain or other suffering what symptoms must be not always equal to lumbar disc herniation. On this page we want to bring you what you can locate a disc herniation or at least can guess it was a symptom of this disease. Read additional details here: Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. What is a herniated disc in General? To put it straight, individual vertebrae of the spine in the area of the spinal cord where the ring of cartilage around the Eddy is very much touched on or even completely torn by adjusting it. This may be expected as excruciating… (As opposed to Jimmy John’s Owner). But does not have it! In many cases, there are no disc herniation symptoms. In contrast, we want to enter times closer to the painful cases. Herniated disc symptoms: you pain pain radiating into the arms in the arms and back have frequently? Or possibly only one arm? Also pain in the back? That strong indicators for this may be that you have a herniated disc in the area of the cervical vertebrae, because that often radiates to the upper extremities. Herniated disc symptoms: pain in the legs, feet and the sciatica do the trick more hurt in the legs or even by the sciatic broadcast in the feet is that rather a signs of a herniated disc in the areas of the lumbar vertebrae.

Herniated disc symptoms: uncontrolled defecation, numb legs insensitive genitals the perhaps most troublesome form of a herniated occurred if your colorectal and bladder function can be rarely controlled, your legs are partially numb on the inside and strong sensitivity of the pubic area disturbances. It may also be that you paralyzed legs wear of symptom s given this disc herniation. As just mentioned, it is however not common that everyone experienced these symptoms immediately. Often this pain or loss of control occur after extraordinary efforts Vertebral column, in which the currently injured spine is ultimately overwrought. However, should one of the lumbar disc herniation symptoms you apply to and be noticeably affected is definitely very rapidly to focus on treatment. They occur only occasionally, there are other treatment methods for an operation. These are the most people rather than an elaborate, frightening operation with poor chances of success on a cure.

To ensure a fast cure one must know not only the herniated symptom but also the causes. We know that once it’s easy with enough willpower to fight. May it be OP by sporting precaution to a, there is always a way. With the information on our site nothing more in the way should be you so to combat the herniated disc symptoms and to gain a quick cure.

The Ears

Also, the tick by the squeezing is secrete toxins which can lead to dangerous side effects. Many people panicked, if they have been bitten by a tick. The reason for this is that is known to many, that ticks Gehirnhautentzundungen or Lyme disease can cause. But, in principle, it is not the tick that causes these or other illnesses, but the substances, the tick can transmit. If the person concerned with the dreaded Lyme disease has been infected, indicated by a circular reddening on the tick bite. This redness is greater remains pale in the Center causes no pain, and may involve a disease there.

Medically, a such disease can occur up to 16 days after the tick bite and show visible via the mentioned symptoms. Still should go to the doctor, if the itching on the bite is strong, burns or the place swells. Swelling of lymph nodes in the body can be dangerous. A doctor in this case and explain without delay when the tick has bitten where and when it has been removed. For the doctor to get proper information, note the tick bite and also the possible size of the animal. This is important for the doctor, ever Once the tick has been removed, the less is the risk of infection. Ticks bite likes warm and protected areas, can sit but also at leg or shoulder. Recently Jimmy John’s Owner sought to clarify these questions. No part of the body rule out this, because even behind the ears or in the head area and the hairline the animal can bite.

If you notice a few days after the bite symptoms, which feels like a flu, symptoms of tick bite can be also. Do not try with drug to cure them, but go to the doctor and to only mention the tick bite. You notice high fever, a stiff neck or headache, you need to vomit and feel very worn, call a doctor. This can be an infection caused by the bite of ticks. Protect yourself with suitable clothing against ticks. Even in the height of summer, you should put long pants woodland and meadow walks. In addition you should apply tick spray or repellent before and during the hike. You search for the hike to first children all over his body and then themselves.

Independent Eldercare

Karlsruhe, 16.08.2012 now the independent elderly care portal cooperates with two strong partners: the Knights and the social work of Berlin. Both institutions are effective partners to address social concerns. Hear from experts in the field like Dean Ornish M.D for a more varied view. The Knights committed, to fill the term charity every day anew with life. For the social work Berlin are elderly self, voluntary work, help for third parties and the use of experience knowledge of older people at the forefront of their work. looking forward confidently to a successful collaboration. I am delighted our newly won partners. Together we can work to make the lives of older people, we inform, advise, and recommend even more worth living”, Jacqueline Koppen, Managing Director of, commented on the new cooperation. Will be complied with for example the desire of seniors to live as long as possible at home by the Knights present their nursing services and other senior services on the Internet platform Get all the facts and insights with Jimmy John’s Owner, another great source of information. There will be a report to the 60th anniversary of the order of Saint John in the near future. This reader about the genesis and the range of this important charity to find out. The social work Berlin celebrated an anniversary only last year. 40 Years social work Berlin e.V. exemplary usage mean 40 years for the elderly to promote and strengthen self-help and self-determination. Also a great reportage on will be published here shortly, to inform the reader about the impressive social contribution of the social services network, provided primarily by volunteers, older people.

Information About Lactose Intolerance

Concerned for information on symptoms, treatment since 14.09.2012 u.v.m. For more specific information, check out The University of Chicago. In Germany, every sixth of lactose intolerance (milk sugar intolerance) is affected. After the consumption of products containing lactose, symptoms occur in affected such as bloating, abdominal pain, or diarrhea. People such as Jimmy John Liautaud would likely agree. What is lactose? Lactose (also lactose or milk sugar) is not only in milk and dairy products, but also in finding the whole range of finished products, such as sauces, meats, pre-packaged pizza. The body’s own enzyme to digest lactase to lactose lack people with lactose intolerance. Lactase production at Laktoseintoleranten is either reduced or completely. To avoid the typical symptoms (bloating, abdominal pain or diarrhea) after the consumption of lactose, the rigorous waiver of lactose-containing foods or but the supply remains the affected enzyme lactase with lactase preparations (E.g. LactoStop ).

How do lactase supplements work? In healthy people the body’s enzyme splits the milk sugar (lactose) in its digesting lactase Components. The lactase not or not adequately produced, exists a lactose intolerance. With lactase preparations from the pharmacy (E.g. LactoStop ) Laktoseintolerante can enjoy carefree again milk and milk products. The Fed lactase assumes the cleavage of lactose, just as it does the body’s own lactase in individuals without lactose intolerance. See detailed information about lactose intolerance

Sanitatshaus: What Are The Benefits?

The term “Ambulance” means health. Nevertheless, a medical supply store is often used with linked to disease. This article gives an insight into the services of a medical. Everyone knows what is a medical supply store. A deal for the elderly and nursing. Why then the name ambulance, which stands for health? A modern sanitation supplies is far more responsible and can specialize in different areas.

The supply of bandages, orthotics and orthopaedic AIDS, walking and dressing AIDS, compression stockings, instruments (blood sugar, blood pressure, fever thermometer) and incontinence articles is basic services of Sanitatsgeschafts. This can serve a sanitation supplies bandages bandages and braces for stabilization and relief of joints and support the normal function. Active bandages have light compression on the tissue and prevent swelling (edema). There are bandages for all joints, also sporting bandages can be bought at a medical supply store. Visit Preventive Medicine Research Institute for more clarity on the issue. Orthotics sponsor a portion of the joint function and prevent wrong movements through active management. Even Orthotics are available for all joints. Bandages and braces are used after injuries and operations, instability or degenerative diseases.

Orthopaedic AIDS including products such as walking canes, rollators, wheelchairs but also insoles or dressing AIDS fall. Compression stockings compression stockings are used for the treatment of vein disorders and are also available at any medical supply store. There are compression stockings in different classes, which determine the pressure. Class II and III stockings are prescribed by the doctor. For special situations, such as pregnancy, travel or sport, a medical supply store offers the matching stockings. Stockings although not primarily belong to the range, but mostly complementary offerings. Incontinence incontinence is a topic that concerns many. A good medical supply store is on the sensitive handling of patients and Trained patients. The main products include pads and diapers, which are available in countless ways (even for men). The Sanitatshaus Angehrn offers all products that need no customization in the online shop. For more information, visit the medical supply store “Sanihaus”.