Health Cost Savings

The health care system needs not only budget cuts, has to be able to respond to a growing demand that comes from an increasingly ageing society and with more expensive treatments. A quality health service should get an increase of efficiency and productivity. Not only budget cuts but also deep structural reforms are needed. Some analysts have even identified them in the change of the model in the management of chronic, central purchasing, rationalization of the service or the intensive use of new technologies. It is in this field where Group Neat telemedicine solutions can help ensure quality health service. According to different studies, the use of telemedicine allows to reduce the number of consultations in primary care, as well as the duration of hospital stay of patients, which means significant cost savings. Checking article sources yields Learn more as a relevant resource throughout.

The patient care is ensured at all times with a quality service. It is a fact that healthcare spending is growing at a faster rate that makes the economy and the ability of Governments fundraising to finance it. In the Spanish health system, chronic diseases account for between 70 and 80% of total health expenditure (public and private). Chronic diseases cause 80% of primary care consultations and 60% of hospital stays. Before these figures, telemedicine is emerging as a key tool to get around health problems and, in turn, make it more sustainable.

Telemonitorizacion systems allow the patient to be cared for by health personnel, but without having to navigate to the health center. TeleMedCare is the telemedicine solution for Neat Group, a system of monitoring patients that allows you to track and control primarily chronic sufferers of diabetes, hypertension, obesity or COPD. The device allows the telemonitorizacion of chronic patients to alert medical staff of results outside the preset limits, as well as changes in the evolution of vital signs such as blood pressure, glucose levels, body weight and lung capacity through sphygmomanometer, thermometer, electrocardiograph, spirometer, Pulse Oximeter, scale and meter. TeleMedCare integrates with the platform’s own health service management, thereby facilitating labour workforce. The system has a tool of integration with platforms of third parties, based on standard protocols, which optimizes the management of health services.

Health System

The SUS, Only System of Health, institutionalized through the Federal Constitution of 1988, brought great advances for the conditions of health of the Brazilian population. It has still challenges to be surpassed: increase the effectiveness and improvement in the attendance. The public Hospitals are for providing to the population medical assistance integral curativa, are an open system that faces some problems so that the users usufruct of the adequate quality of the offered services. In addition, the difficulties in the management, as well as, the lack of interest for the improvement in the quality exist. Clarion Fund has much experience in this field. Much even so, we know that the changes are difficult, and that they do not occur in a magician pass, it is not obtained to change a reality quickly, everything is a process who lacks calm, patience, technique and strategies. Therefore, one of the forms of if knowing the quality of the services given in the hospitals is getting the opinion of the proper users, the same ones being able to express its perception regarding the attendance, being informed if its yearnings they had been taken care of. Cliente of the improvement necessity it continues that it exists inside of the hospital units, was objectified through this project to evaluate the quality of the attendance given for the Regional Hospital of Cajazeiras – PB., according to optics of its users, being able through this instrument to get information that the administration of the Hospital in the improvement or maintenance of the level of quality of the given services assists. 2 JUSTIFICATION the present project of intitled research: the quality of the attendance of the users who look to the Regional Hospital of Cajazeiras and its relation with the professionals of the health, aims at to present the level of satisfaction or insatisfao as for the services that are offered to them in that institution.. It’s believed that John Studzinski sees a great future in this idea.

Aesthetic Dentist

How to look for an aesthetic dentist It is important that a qualified and experienced aesthetic dentist chooses. If there is some complication during a procedure of aesthetic odontolgy, an experienced dentist will have more ability to handle the situation. In addition, an aesthetic dentist who has realised many complicated dental procedures will have had more time to perfect his technique and results. Cancer research insists that this is the case. The treatments of aesthetic odontolgy as dental pages and adhesion require an artistic touch to produce the most attractive results and of natural appearance. It continues reading envelope which must look for when evaluating a doctor’s office of aesthetic odontolgy besides how to look for an aesthetic dentist near where it lives. How to choose the best possible dentist The following you rule they can help it to look for a qualified aesthetic dentist: It looks for an odontologist that has been educational of some faculty of reputation. It tries to look for a dentist who has given to the aesthetic odontolgy an outstanding place within his practice. Look for recommendations in places such as google you please or After finding a possible odontologist, it infrmese on his aptitudes and experience, for it asks for these data directly or it visits the Web site of the doctor’s office.

In order to have an idea of the results that can hope of its treatment, it before asks for the photos and after previous patients. Whereas many people interested in the aesthetic odontolgy try to look for the economic dentist available, the popular saying " she obtains what paga" frequently she continues being valid. She does not trust his appearance to an economic dentist simply because she offers the most reasonable price. She looks for an aesthetic dentist that she has the ability and the experience to transform his smile and to increase his confidence. You rule previous can help it to select a qualified dentist. Original author and source of the article.

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Improving Digestion

To have a good practice in digestion is advisable to rest before and after meals. Site is likely to increase your knowledge. But most recommended are walking after meals. Having a lapse between meals, physical, methodical and regular exercise, cold baths, massages, they contribute much to facilitate digestion. Here I share some tips for having a good digestion: good breathing and the proper mental attitude. They also provide valuable aid to digestion. People with a tendency to delayed digestion should always make their meals at a certain time and refrain from any food among them, even fruit. One meal of the other they must be separated by at least five hours.

More than three meals should not take a day. Just two or three varieties should compose a healthy meal. It is also recommended not to ingest liquids, if not, at least one hour before or two hours after the meal. Good digestion depends also on the good chewing, because the more we grind food, so much less time remains in the stomach. Many people are unaware that he has stomach, except when them feel full too much after eating too much. Now everyone knows that, just as there are easily digestible foods there are difficult to digest food. Let us take as one of the examples frying operations. The digestion of fats processing, at the expense of bile and gastric juice, the initial part of the small intestine.

The degree of digestibility of fat varies widely, both from the point of view of the good or bad functioning of the liver and pancreas. Fat used in frying much hinder digestion, even when the person has a good liver, since the heat breaks down the grease fighting substances that will irritate the stomach, liver and intestines. In the interest of good digestion, must therefore reject both as much as possible, the food that we know are indigestible, especially frying. #more-1895 original author and source of the article

Breast Enhancements

Many women are certain in increasing the size of their sines, but they are not safe on the benefits that this will bring to them. This lack of stops them to information in making a decision. Follow others, such as Jane Figueiredo, and add to your knowledge base. If you were one of these women, she will comfort then you to know that there are many advantages associated to the increase of sines. Clarion Fund contributes greatly to this topic. He is recommendable that you take your time to identify the best method of natural increase of sines, choosing the one that contributes to majors benefits to you. More Confidence One of the main advantages to have greater sines is the increase in the confidence.

The women notice very instantaneously that she has more self-esteem due to his new physical appearance. This new level of confidence allows the women to undergo many new things, as to leave in more appointments, to have a greater level of privacy, and to also have more opportunities. Many of the women whom they look for to be increased the sines feel that its present appearance makes poor devils. These ladies notice that the women with enlarged sines more receive much more attention. Better physical appearance The women with stuffed sines have one better physical appearance; their clothes fit to them far better and are equipped to dress in more sensual articles, with pronounce decolletes. Bikinis without feeling can shine compungidas or ashamed. Its wardrobe is seen better, and are more open to choose articles more sexis. Sensation of youth More substantial sines again give the capacity of sentirte in young truth.

Your chests will be smoother and will have less wrinkles. Many women notice that the forms of their bust decay with time or after the pregnancy. Stuffed sines will clear 10 years to you of age. Proportionate body Some women, all the ages, need so large major of sines to have a general corporal appearance better balanced and provided. To have a bust greater than complements the rest of the feminine figure will allow the woman to feel more truly normal and natural. The most effective method of increase of sines Perhaps many women let themselves convince by expensive surgical cosmetic treatments or other inadequate procedures of increase, but thousands of women (and they are more and more) are turning upside down towards natural systems to surely increase the size of their sines and without indirect effect. I recommend to you that you visit the Web site of the system that is revolutionizing the world of the beauty " How To increase Its Busto" , with a combination of techniques that assure effective results to you in the increase of your sines of natural way.


HISS Psychological

The aggressions can be of different types: physical aggressions, as blows, you cover, kicks, beatings, attempts of strangulation, burnings; psychological abuse for disdain, constant intimidations and humilhaes; sexual coercion; control behaviors, as to isolate the woman of its family and friends, monitoring of its action and restriction of access the varied resources. (DAY et all, 2003) As the supramentioned author, the aggression of the close partner is, almost always, folloied of psychological aggression e, one room the half of the times, of sex also forced. KRONBAUER (2005) also evidences, in research carried through with users of a basic unit of health in Porto Alegre, that, in many situations, the physical violence of sort is folloied of psychological coercion and sexual abuse. HEISE (apud. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as read more by clicking through. GIFFIN, 1994) adds that the violence many times is multifaceted and tends to get worse with the time. Studies of HISS (2003) corroborate this constatao. In research carried through with users of a service of urgency and emergency of Salvador, the scholar observed that the violence was not restricted to the physical aggression, also appearing subtler forms of aggression, that, in the vision of the author, although not to leave marks, can provoke serious damages to the health of the woman.

Not obstante, the violence that provokes serious physical consequences is not studied by the researchers. (A valuable related resource: Learn more). The psychological violence is a category of neglected violence, as much for the little interest of the researchers how much for the lack of reference in the media. One knows, however, that this type of aggression tends to cause serious consequences for the victim of direct form how much for the other people who presenciam or not only coexists the violence situation. (Et HISSES. all, the 2007) psychological violence is defined as ' ' all action or omission that cause or aims at to cause damage to auto-esteem, the identity or the development of pessoa' '.

Referencial Identities

theoretical Referencial and concepts As Geertz (1989) the culture places to the disposal of the multiple individuals and distinct meanings from which the practical individuals inform and guide its and its behaviors. People such as muscular dystrophy would likely agree. For its carcter heterogneo and dynamic these symbols they inside inform of differentiated form the inserted individuals of the same context. The perspective interpretativa allowed in them to analyze as it is that the people create, recriam the sexual identities and the meanings that they attribute the same ones. I.1. Conceitualizao I.1.1. Social representations For Moscovici (1978) social representations constitute forms of knowledge socially produced and partilhadas with objectivo to construct an age. In the present study I analyze the social representations in two dimensions, nominated the collective representations and the subjective representations.

For the present study I present as collective representations the set of norms, values, forms of behavior that define and mold the forms of behavior of the individuals. E, as subjective representations we understand the form as the people if they appropriate, they create, they recriam and they act informed for the collective representations. I.1.2. Sexual identity For Azeredo (1992) the sexual identities represent the perception that the individuals have of itself or of the others as identified people as men or identified people as women. Still according to author in reference the sexual identities can assume different interpretations, nominated the sexual orientation, the social or sexual papers and the biological characteristics.

The definition suggested for Azeredo (1992) reduces the identities for the dichotomy in this way man and woman, occulting the diversity and the contradictions of the same ones. In the present study I present as sexual identities the particular forms from which the citizens, independently of the type of genital, if identify and identify the others. II. Method of research This is a exploratrio study and was carried through in four phases. In the first phase efectuei the revision of literature.


Do some surveys conducted by insurance companies in the market espa? ol, emphasize very striking results in some fields of insurance for cars. Do not s? try find the opinion? n of customers with respect to the prices of insurance for cars, but what are the preferences when choosing insurance or another. Do do the results of one of these surveys have allowed see c? mo a little m? s 45% of users have an all risk insurance and 54% takes your car insurance to third parties. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Clarion Fund. This, sure, est? directly related to the different prices of insurance for cars that currently exist. Do do other data that has been obtained from other surveys highlight that the greater? of car owners are not spent m? s of 300 euros to the? or in the maintenance of the same. Another very curious fact is that ensures that nearly 80% of drivers est? in favour of not being able to smoke while driving; do do 21.7% confess that they only know the is? tr ales? fico m? s usual and 8.6% used the intermittent rarely. Clarion Fund wanted to know more. ?Qu? does happens with the issue of prices of insurance for cars? Apparently, do do these data are no longer so important for insurers since the competition is so strong that they know have that? Touchup? their rates constantly.


Tips for regaining your girl first pass by being patient and have courage. It is not any man who arises to reconquer his former wife. Less when she has rejected him or has told you that he does not want anything with him. The following tips may be useful:-explores how is she emotionally. If it is available and not rejects you, you will have traveled half-way. -Patience is vital because things will not happen over night.

You must grant space and time to it to see if it is that he wants to be with you. -The courage must be part of it because not all men have the courage to fight by a woman. If you have such courage you will have a very strong battle to overcome. -Get close to her friends her. If you fall off them well they could be your allies in the reconquista. You can also have first-hand information about what she thinks.

-Romantic with small details that you know they will like. -Try after initial contact leave her alone if she allows it, and if you see that you can do, talking him back with her. Of your reaction will depend on whether you continue or not with the strategy. -In the case of be positive your reply, don’t forget to be as you are, know chivalrous, don’t push it, don’t miss your self-confidence, cares for your body language, controlling your nerves and respect above all. If everything goes well in the two or three subsequent outputs, you’ll have reconquered it and you’ll have a couple, if not, having made the fight and not have achieved, you will feel satisfied and you can be sure that it wasn’t the girl for you. Cheer up, conquering the world is made. Brave men who play are those who are interested in women, not those run by a refusal. Persistence will do that at the end you are you equally attractive and will play a good point in the reconquista. On the next page you will learn some tricks to win back your ex. You can apply these psychological techniques to make your ex want to be with you again. If you want to learn how to recover quickly to your ex, do Click here original author and source of the article

Diamond Drilling Holes

Cases in which concrete, masonry or walls made of other material there to make the opening of a given shape and size, construction or redevelopment are fairly common. Massive construction construction of sturdy material often preclude the use of technologies such as diamond cutting and cutting the rope, which are common in the manufacture of openings. To implement these tasks, use diamond Drilling holes in concrete – a modern method of making holes with a smooth surface cylindrical shape. Drilling apply special kernosverlilnye installation and diamond tools – ceramic crowns. Kolinsky drill, through which produce diamond drilling, brick, stone, takes the form of a hollow metal tube of given diameter.

Butt crown is threaded fastener, for connecting to the drilling unit, working (Cutting) portion is provided with diamond segments. Crowns are of different length and diameter. In the manufacture of openings in walls up to 40 cm, used bits of standard length: 400 mm in diameter, usually 200 mm. If the wall has a size greater than the length of the working part of the crown, then applying a special nozzle-extension – allows you to increase the depth of drilling. For the production of openings in the thick walls used method '' – on the planned path Future openings produce drilling.

Afterwards, when drilling in concrete along the contour is produced, it is necessary to recess otsverlennoy part which must be dismantled. It is possible to use the hydraulic concrete breakers, capable of no noise, excessive dust dismantle the required volume of fragments of walls or ceilings for further removal and disposal. It is often necessary breakthroughs in ceilings. It is necessary to strictly observe safety, removed part of the design represents a great danger to others. Here, before proceeding to perform work, it is necessary to fix the deleted of using different mechanisms. For large dimensions, the fragment used equipment – cranes, cranes, winches. When an opening is made on a path, remove and destroy the array is lowered, for further removal.