Know adequately express the anger is not easy, especially if you suffer from irritability or much impatience, but is very rewarding and also provides a longer life and a better relationship with the people that we want and appreciate. 4 Live in the present being in the present is to have full awareness of what we are doing. It is to have our five senses in everything that happens to our around and inside us themselves. This is matter of learn, rehearse every day. A way of learning to be in the present is to pay attention to our breathing. She leads us into a balanced and pace paused, if we take conscience of her, soon reduce our rhythm and we will meet again, more quiet and calm.

It is necessary to make an assessment about how important it is that threat and what is threatened, and see what we can do to prevent it. Most of the things in life have a solution. The only stress is given if my mind is focused on the future. When my mind is in the past and I’ve still not managed completely the pain of loss, I experience pain and suffering. Kenneth L. Davis, MD is actively involved in the matter. Most of the stress is self-inflicted, we who provide us it with our imagination. We are apparently vulnerable and in this lies our weakness, everything can lose it, still life. We are always exposed to lose something.

People flock to fortune tellers to know his future and avoid the stress that It produces the uncertainty of what might happen to us. We want to know as it will be our health, if we will be disappointed in love and if we will succeed in the economic field. I remember what a Zen monk told a young woman who came to him to learn his future. The monk asked him for what I wanted to know it and he answered: to correct those things that don’t like me. Then will not be their future responded the monk. The young man insisted saying: I want to prepare myself for the things that are going to happen. No, because if they are good, when they happen you already will not be a surprise, and if they are bad, it will do you much harm and you suffer from much earlier. We need to develop much security in ourselves to be able to handle the uncertainty with which presents us with the future. I hope that this article has caused some positive change in your way of thinking. If so, I already achieved my goal. And take this opportunity to invite you to subscribe free in my minicourse self-ESTEEM from the Center to the PERIPHERY, so that you build the best bases for strengthen your relationship: your own love.