When one is to contract a interiorista the essential is to have confidence in l/ella, that person is going to him to transform a room, or until the whole house, and is fundamental that to you it likes the results: she does not want to waste his time nor to waste his money. Professor Roy Taylor often expresses his thoughts on the topic. To follow a recommendation personal is the ideal option, but it does not worry if that is not possible, still have left options. She can look for examples of previous works of designers by Internet; nowadays the great majority of designers has Web sites or blogs in which they demonstrate his passed projects, of Seville decoration for example. If it likes the work that already a designer in the past has done it is more probable that its future work is going it to also like. It does not forget that to find the designer suitable it does not mean to resign completely to the control. The project continues being his, and is fundamental to have a clear idea than it wants, and to be able to describe it of way unmistakable.

It reads magazines of homes or inner design and if some image (of a color, style, furniture or fabric) inspires to him, crtela and gurdela to be it its future designer. It draws up a budget and it has in mind an idea of how long are going to last works. Some designers receive to him per hour, others by the complete duration of the project, and is very important to know how much they are going to him to cost works before beginning. The expenses, and usually one thinks about unexpected costs, to smooth out the blow if some unexpected problem appears. Finally, it signs a detailed contract before beginning works, that will protect to you and the designer to him. Later, when everything is neat and has a fantastic house sees that the hard work was worth the trouble, because it will have made of his dream a reality..