The world of the photography for the fans has evolved with the last digital cameras rflex. Mega pixels, super lenses, everybody must have one, truth? Not necessarily. Everything depends on the use that is going to give to him the camera. The difference of prices is quite significant – hundreds of Euros by one rflex digital reason why must think if rflex really needs one digital. The options seem amazing, but in the end everything is reduced to a single question: It is photographing objects and people – photos of the vacations: from ruins, mountains, rivers and people putting for the photo – or are taking photos in movement or another type of photos? The reason is the retardation of firing of the digital cameras, that is to say, the cameras that are not rflex, the compact ones for example. Some of these cameras can compete with the digital camera rflex in terms of pixels, often win in the ease of use, but they lose the battle by the retardation of the stopper. What is ” retardation of obturador”? It is the time interval that happens between the moment at which the firing button is pressed, and the moment at which the camera takes the photo (technically speaking, it is the time passed between the firing and when the photography in fact is registered).

Many of the compact cameras have a delay of more than 1/2 second. This is an eternity when photographies are done of sprites or children playing. The digital cameras rflex have a retardation of the almost imperceptible stopper that – and I am not speaking of super expensive professional cameras – the digital calls rflex of initiation are even fast. If it takes photos from objects and people, a compact camera can be a better option – easy to use, and much less expensive. The retardation of firing of the compact cameras is not a problem for this type of photos (vacations, birthday ) If she takes photos from action – infantile people dancing, games, favorite, animal mascots in his natural surroundings, sport events – rflex will need one digital. The retardation of firing of the compact cameras makes unsuitable for action photos.

In that case, the digital Rflex Cameras are the way to follow. Naturally, if it is beginning to seriously sail in the world the photography, it wishes to create special effects, or simply it wants to enjoy technical outposts will have to spend money and to buy one rflex digital. If rflex wishes to obtain more data on digital cameras we offer all the information to him on the cameras rflex canon, those that we consider that they include all the phantom of possibilities, as much for fans as for professionals. Francisco Cameras Rflex Canon All the information on the cameras canon. The cameras rflex canon own symbol EOS: the system of digital cameras rflex, interchangeable and accessory objectives more complete of the world.