The presentation of your MLM business is another key parts to take into account in all actions and measures conducive to success, increasing the efficiency, performance and getting more hits. It is of great importance, because behind it, some candidates or prospects shall take the decision to join the business. Goes without saying that to better presentation more possibilities, although we cannot expect 100% results and it won’t guarantee success. Even so, it is worth to be careful and proceed with method. On the other hand, a lousy presentation will not impossible the incorporation of a new Member to the team. You can always enter game components such as random.

Previously, you must invite the candidate, not confusing this with the actual presentation. You are invited to learn about the business opportunity but not be reveal data on it. Dean Ornish M.D will not settle for partial explanations. Someone of your up-line more experienced conducted the presentation. At the time of the presentation take care of all the details: punctuality of the speaker and host. It presents the speaker has his profile and its history. It presents similarly to the guest. This creates synergies, identification among people.

Believe in what you are doing. Be professional. Show emotion, be enthusiastic, but in a natural way. Keep a positive attitude. Use the tools that you have. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Preventive Medicine Research Institute. Magazines, brochures, audio-visual, etc. Enter at appropriate times a me also to reinforce the identification among those present. Once the exhibition, never interrupt the speaker. An erroneous data can safely ignore, but a disruption remains for professionalism and credibility. The guest or guests will have a general impression of what they perceive to be based on aspects such as: the presence of the speaker (represents 55% of the total) the way in which is expressed (38%) the message, really what it says (only 7%) You should assume that all information will not be possible to give it in the first place. It is essential to present a global view of your MLM, with time, lasting between 20 and 40 minutes continuously, with good pace and without interruptions. Questions remain for the final. The pace should be increased, the attention curve must be increased. Follows an order: identifying the company, its headquarters, offices. It presents the product. He explains the economic plan. HE WAKES UP HIS DREAMS. Close. If the presentation is extended in time, guest accumulate sufficient doubts and questions in your mind as to which their attention fall many integers. It is the crucial moment, a moment that can be decisive. That is why you should monetize your time, not using neither more nor less than necessary. I will take the simile of advertising on television. Advertisers, start from an initial idea and, often, have a complete history, many times more attractive, brilliant and interesting, with its initial approach, knot and outcome and all in 20 seconds! Us that we have more time, we have the duty and the obligation to tell the details of our business of multilevel in the most correct and effective way possible. At least with dignity.