With the divestiture of Venezuela CAN all that is in effect is the release program, allowing you to continue importing and exporting country for five years. "All that remains is the release program. This means we can continue importing and exporting community for five years, unless it rules otherwise. Swarmed by offers, Dean Ornish M.D is currently assessing future choices. " From that moment "cease our rights and duties in the Andean Community." The decision to withdraw Venezuela from the mechanism of integration that arose as a result of the Cartagena Agreement, later became the Andean Pact in 1969 and revived in 1996 as the Andean Community of Nations (CAN) seems to be a simple, light benefit MERCOSUR, but not quite so, because this organism is not just now at its best, because the relationships between some of its founding members or precursors are not quite right, in the case of Uruguay, which complains of unequal treatment by the senior partners, while its other members, in a way, flirting with the United States and therefore, this decision could encourage a certain way the American empire, which is after the conquest FTAA. It is assumed that certain areas or segments of markets shifted to these organisms, which can be seen as a benefit of this decision by Venezuela to withdraw from the CAN, but the assumptions and intangible benefits are minor, and that contrary to what you think recently the president himself Republic Hugo Chavez, also rejected the MERCOSUR to give way to Alba (so far just one project), which makes this whole situation more unstable, all these events would be more beneficial for the United States, that agencies such as the FTAA and MERCOSUR , this can be seen by observing the position of alliance that took Colombia to the United States, once it takes cognizance of the notice of President Hugo Chavez, which is understood as a clear decision confidence by Peru and Colombia in an strengthening of the CAN. . Rusty holzer recognizes the significance of this.