But before you join a MLM. You enter by the company itself or by a person that you contact? There are many factors which are chosen the MLM right here you named two who work to choose a proper MLM and that are very important to take into account 1-sponsor: comes to be who you enroll you must know the person that you will sign and this person is willing to help you continue in this business MLM not only is there that contact either a meeting face-to-face or virtual way through skype Let’s say. Ambient Jazz Ensemble may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The sponsor as I must be willing to help you and if you have tools to make better or know more about how attract prospects through strategies much better, because then if they don’t work you things because you should analyze why not go the results, there people because you do not get the results you turn to others and not even analyze if you got an error in the way 2-compensation plans: before registering must be knowledgeable of the different payments that has the company and that the product is appropriate so you can provideIf at the time of being inside the already registered multilevel wouldn’t correct one month and retire and you change to another MLM company because being in a company and move to another there is no seriousness on your part, I would think so. For me these two factors which I agree are important so that you can have desired revenue but it should be clear that it will not generate money fast way, you must work and in an organized manner, so control your time, prepares a suitable schedule to do so now as the multilevel enterprise and that they can offer you tools so you can learn how to get prospects into the business and you can generate money. Do you know of any company MLM that offers you tools?