Regardless of the severity of psychologist or psychoanalyst symptoms, despite all his efforts and professionalism will not be able to help that client that does not have its own desire to work on their problems, processing them psychologically. Therefore, our first requirement for prospective customers is that they recognize that going through something – feel anxious or depressed, frustrated, or are in disarray – in connection with the situation in which they the client applies for psychological help, that their actions it causes suffering of others, or because other people demand of it changes, we may need some initial meetings to to determine what motivated a man as he seeks to understand itself and real change in his situation. This brings us to the second important requirement for a potential client. The desire for self-knowledge. Suppose client is not interested to know why he continues to experience similar external, objective and immutable factors often traumatic (that makes his life miserable), this ratio can be regarded as a hidden receive psychological support.

Many potential customers are projected onto the therapist omniscience, as if he knows everything that they do not know about themselves (and, therefore, expect that it will be their "treat", alienated, becoming a pseudo "cooperating" and developing "on-call" understanding, or, taking the position of "expert" does not allow the therapist to really get in touch with their inner life.) Such a device may mean that any discoveries that they have not done solely on their own, rather inflict a wound their self-esteem, rather than help, that would cause on their part a backlash against psychotherapists and psychotherapy. This position is contraindication to undergo psychotherapy. In reality, any desire to be free from psychological symptoms always controversial, because the symptoms are the children's unconscious attempt to self and was formed as a way of getting rid of unbearable psychic pain. Thus, apart from the conscious desire of the client to get rid of their symptoms, depression, neurosis or there is an internal force, which is "afraid" to lose these symptoms, despite all the suffering they cause. This force creates a serious and sometimes insurmountable resistance psychotherapeutic process. Mindset to healing and resistance the healing process – exist in parallel. But the resistance – a natural component of psychotherapy, as opposed to no unwillingness to change themselves and not the ability to receive assistance from another person.