New windows are an excellent replacement for the old wooden structures. They significantly reduce the noise level and is highly heat-insulating properties. Window pvc – it's sealed design, which does not require sealing joints in the winter. In plastic boxes used rubber seals. In addition the windows of pvc profiles: They are made from environmentally friendly materials. Comply with building regulations.

Resistant to all kinds of natural effects and do not support combustion. Durable. Plastic window is a complex structure, which is based on pvc and glass. To select a box of pvc should be answered the following questions: what to choose pvc profile? How to choose a glass Additional options window ('window under the key', mosquito nets, Window sills, inner and outer slopes). Approach to the selection profile for plastic From the structure of pvc window frames made of plastic windows. Key Features of Profile two: the number of air chambers, the width of the profile. They should pay special attention when choosing. The width of the modern profiles 70 – 71mm.

Thinner profiles as not forbidden to use. In the Lipetsk region is well distributed profile kbe standard 58 mm. Number of air chambers in the profiles of pvc, usually three or five. It is believed that the more cameras the greater the insulating properties of windows. Number of chambers pvc profile is determined by the width between the outer and inner wall of the plastic window. How to choose the windows on the choice of glass depends Future work is a plastic window. Windows, as opposed to a simple glass has higher rates of heat and sound insulation. pvc windows are installed on the two-chamber and single chamber windows. Glass in the pane can be produced by various energy-saving technologies: K-type I-type, TOPN4. Necessary elements of a window or a mythical box for 5000 rubles. Follow others, such as Dean Ornish M.D, and add to your knowledge base. Plastic window turnkey includes a finished product made of pvc, plastic slopes, mosquito nets, tide, window sill, as well as assembly work. Some window companies Lipetsk use simple trick: They indicate the price of pvc windows without any additional required items. After handling a firm customer ask: Do we need him to slopes, on the window sills, window sills, etc. Naturally the final price of the window during a call increases significantly, while the client is experiencing discontent. Overview of the market of pvc windows in the town of Lipetsk Lipetsk of the price of pvc windows is much lower than in other regions. This is primarily due to the fact that in the Lipetsk region there are two large factory to manufacture plastic windows: Lipetsk-Knipping and lzsk. They dictate the price of the windows in the city. On the market there are quite a large number of profile systems from pvc. Most popular: Thyssen, Trocal, kbe, . Price segments are only two: 3-chamber profiles' economy 'class and a 5-chamber pvc profiles' premium class'. At the time of this writing, the most affordable option was a plastic box from your profile kbe 58 mm. According to experts of the company Square-Lipetsk, the best option that is appropriate for the Lipetsk region, this plastic window Thyssen Bautec 71 mm, single-chamber windows with one low emissivity glass. For more information you can find in the offices and toll-free telephone: (4742) 39-18-65 and 39-02-59 Text prepared by using the site: new windows in Lipetsk region