Relaunch information management cockpit of XT AG – from immediately with a new demo area! “Munich, Bavaria – December 14, 2009 – the XT AG, one of the leading manufacturers in the area of information intelligence”, i with a new demo area today has its on-demand cockpit and detailed examples completed. The Munich-based software forge XT AG motto where, do you, want to get your information today?”presented today” their I-CEE Web page. With a target group-specific structure and theme developed on the XT AG shows on their sides of the information intelligence cockpit”I-CEE and I CEE mobile. Main reason of the relaunch is anyone who can not imagine at first glance for which areas of application products are suitable, appropriate ideas, suggestions and practical examples to show how he can use I-CEE and I CEE Mobile for himself and/or his employees, to respond efficiently to the everyday information needs. Furthermore is the competence of the XT AG in terms of Information intelligence”shows. The on-demand information cockpit”I-CEE and I CEE Mobile show how easy it can be to stay always up to date without having to invest in extremely high with current technology. For even more details, read what Heart Specialist says on the issue. The starting price of the software solution is just 79,–euro incl.

VAT per month per single license. The two OS-independent applications are ideal for the managers of today always everywhere and at all times ready to have all the relevant information. Sales Manager Gerald Achim Tobolewski says to restart of the demo area: If you not already shows the customer through ideas, what opportunities offered him by the use of our products, it can happen that he underestimated the variety of I CEE + I-CEE mobile applications. Through the redesign, we facilitate orientation within our offer”to users. Also Executive Board Dr. Nikolai Bauer commented: our redesign were not only the optical and substantive aspects to the discussion, but especially the widened representation of the individual functions”.

I CEE and I CEE mobile work with prepared collectors which are pre-installed and pre-configured for the in-house sources of information of the customers or sources from the Web. Thus, the collectors form the information interface. The network of collectors establishes the connection to various internal and external sources of information such as: dar databases, Excel, SAP, stock tickers, etc. and returns the identified information on the frontend prepared by XT. The cockpit, which can be called personalized, shows the desired information. Protected by a unique login ID and a rights approach, the information only for authorized are accessible. The advantages are clear hand – no annoying login on the in-house servers – no annoying search according to the required, relevant information – safe information retrieval anywhere and at any time possible business intelligence push button easy, fast, cost -saving and efficient. Both tools are both for the individualists and managers, as well as the corporate information flow”can be used. For more information get to see So also you impressed by the new demo pages, please use the following login login: i-cee password: u-cee. We are confident to bring you the use of I-CEE and I CEE mobile an advantage. Test us! Information at a click I-CEE and I CEE mobile