Mainly sports teacher, fitness trainer, dietitian, nurses, masseurs, physiotherapists and doctors complete the training to the QPT”, Wade has observed. Health awareness and accuracy have priority to the QPT -qualified personal trainers, who have completed their training in the past year, Dr. Anne Jakewitz from Berlin. “The QPT considered additional qualification and second pillar: through the intensive training I can’t take even better and more comprehensively the problems of my patients”, reported the internist. “Nina Duziak from Hamburg graduated from the qualified personnel training 2006: health awareness and accuracy are capitalized with me and also lived above all”, says the coach. Brigitte Martin had to first of all, like all interested parties, through a rigorous selection process. Go to Les Turner ALS Foundation for more information. Who moves today in their hands, is experiencing a personal training of special: the mother of four children from the South of Munich is working on counterpart, comprehensively and accurately. Before Martin begins with the training, she checks their customers through its paces: weight, size, a heart circulation check, disease-related background, hobbies, the aim of training and many more.

Everything is queried and evaluated, so that she can work out a program individually tailored to customers. “Assistance in nutrition also Eleonore Vigener from Frankfurt is focused and has been working since 2004 as QPT: thanks to the quality of the education I got to know many new customers”, reported the former product developer at a large bank. The qualified personal trainer created not only an appropriate exercise program, but are also assistance in nutrition: sometimes leads to an imbalanced nutrition Fatigue, fruits and vegetables can help”, Vigener. Robert Worst from Nuremberg informed as the most QPTs on a separate Internet page ( about itself and its offerings. This year I will start for the first time Homburg near Frankfurt training in bath”, worst reported proudly. (More info and photos:, photos for download under: presse_downloads.html)