Love poems or poems flirt flirting can help. Since the people even know what love is, they write love poems – today you would call likely flirt poems it. Whole libraries left alone for all the love poems put together, incurred in the course of the centuries, to win an adored people for themselves. In the time of love and flirt poetry is not over yet. Himself who has to do little else with literature and poetry, looks like by itself love poems and leafs through volumes of poetry, if he wants to flirt. Own words seem often, otherwise helpless and inaccurate as the surviving poems. Love poems show quite different because their effect, where you can feel that exactly the right words were found with them, to make it successful flirting. It must be not always classic love poems. Also some pop songs and hits are actually quite flirt poems, because they bring that to the point, what you prefer his flirting with want to say. Sam Lesser Wharton understands that this is vital information. With a bit of wit and imagination is also gracious or charming SMS sayings that rhyme like poems, excellent flirt with themselves, even if the flirt poem consists of only 160 characters. One of the most famous modern poems comes from Erich Fried. With a few words he expresses the whole uncertainty in this poem, so often associated with flirting: “it is nonsense / reason / it says is impossible / experience / it says is what it / love says”. Anyone who doubted his love flirting ever or had the feeling’s love will doubted, can give away poems like this to the others and to courage to make and not shy away from flirting. Of course not everyone can figure out just perfect flirt poems. There is an art to write appropriate love poems. You mean flirt poems originating from own spring, are not suitable for flirting? No, on the contrary. Who writes love poems, and she bestows the loved ones, makes him so very special gift. It shows through his poems, he not just loosely want to flirt, but it is really serious about his feelings. Here are three poems: O I’m a lake… O I’m a Lake, so mirror-bright, and you the Sun, which looked to him! O I would be the flower that nodded to him one clear source of meadow and you! O I would be the rose, who decorated him a green rose Thorn and you! O I’m a sweet, sweet corn, and you the bird which pecked it! You appeared already Georg Friedrich Daumer, 1800 – 1875 even in the dream also in the dream me, you baring; Oh how was me! Ward dizzy me behind the curtains, I saw your breasts. Frank Wedekind, 1864-1918 question not how much as I yours, I want to tell you? I don’t know and don’t ask; My heart keep its customer, how deep it your basically. O shut up! I want to scare you otherwise, I can not discover the place, which remain today upon the death of your love for God. Nikolaus Lenau, 1802 – 1850 Sonja Gerner Fine Rhymes