Department of Antioquia offers countless attractions from the natural, cultural and scientific point of view. The paisa culture, its architecture and the hospitality of its people, makes Antioch travel an unforgettable experience. Let yourself be enchanted by the landscapes of one of the most beautiful regions of Antioquia, surrounded by mountains, rivers and waterfalls, famous for its architecture, flowers, coffee plantations and sugar mills. Delight in the traditional sweets and exquisite cuisine. Adventure tourism, of rest, of knowledge of the coffee production, warm, temperate and cool climates of all lies and can be done in the Southwest Antioquia, one of the regions of the Department of higher and lofty tradition paisa. Its territorial extension is approximately 6.733 km2. It is located between Cordillera central and West forming the barrel of the Cauca River and the San Juan, which allows temperatures varied between cold, warm and medium.In the Decade of the 90s appeared tourism as promising alternative: is a subregion of coffee vocation and countless natural and historic attractions that have made it a major tourist attraction of comfortable hotels, lodgings and parks for your rest. Out of Medellin by the southern Expressway, via invites travel privileged land that show different thermal floors, from hot to cold, and enjoy all kinds of tourism, from which seeks rest calm until the higher adventure.

The backbone of the coffee is the main thoroughfare in the subregion. It crosses Amaga (coffee and Mining vocation thanks to coal Township), located just an hour from Medellin, and extends through several places up to Garden (three and a half hours of travel), the furthest municipality already in limits with the Department of Caldas. This backbone cross a broken terrain that makes one think of the prowess of their colonizers, the same as the current inhabitants that keep many of the traditions of their ancestors, passing reason more cosy makes the stay of tourists.