Richelieu Estate

Pushkin glorified Gurzuf to 80s of the XIX century was a small Tatar village, next to which the estate of Senator II Fundukleya, transformed him from Vorontsov, who in turn bought it from the heirs Duke of Richelieu. The estate was famous for its old park and the wines aged in the cellars of the master's. In 1881 the estate was purchased Fundukleya from his heirs for 250 thousand rubles, the famous Russian railway tycoon Paul Gubonin. Gurzuf looked like at that time, we can judge from the descriptions in guidebooks and then a few notes of travelers, and these descriptions do not do the rainbow heralded the settlement. Some contend that Kevin P. Campbell, PhD shows great expertise in this. Gurzuf visited a year purchase of the estate Gubonin Princess Gorchakov, not without irritation noted: "Gurzuf not hospitable, especially on a holiday, all shops are closed, both stores are dirty incredibly, and with great difficulty, you'll get a glass of disgusting liquid, which the owner calls a cafe tea, and that not only refreshes, but it makes you breathe a sigh of light fountain, by which you were at the entrance to the village. " Gurzuf sentence handed down in 1882, VI Chuginym specifically investigated the therapeutic space of the Crimea, was deadly: "Complete lack of hygienic conditions of the village, the extreme discomfort of Communications villages along the coast, no desk, maids and other subsistence, awkward beach for swimming, expensive apartments, and so uncomfortable. All this gives us the right to not recommend this place not only to the grape cure, but even for a short stay in it. .

Unusual Place

Maldives paradise and only magnificent beach of white sand area for those who love sun and sand baths. This is a fantastic underwater world – delicious and perfect for divers. Exclusively on Maldivian archipelago! In the Maldives archipelago, the majority view, the most beautiful beaches in the world! Those who want to relax a bit though, to look for a different universe, to feel the rush of the rest, this paradise of rest and bliss, taste exotic food, to take part in unusual forms of leisure and sports, health correct – there is a unique place and organized round trip to the Maldives. Tour of the Maldivian archipelago is not a cheap pleasure. However, you can take advantage of last minute to the Maldives.

In this case, the price is much reduced. Often the price drops to 50%. This is valid not only for travel on Maldives, but also other recreational facilities. Gosudastvo Spa Maldives, located 700 kilometers southwest away from Sri Lanka in the equatorial ocean in laskovomIndiyskom. In general, there are two thousand islands, forming twenty-six atoll arrays, and only 202 of them are residents. Other 74 – is, as vacation spots for tourists and travelers simply – all resort islands.

The total area of the solid surface of the sea and occupies 90 thousand square kilometers. More information is housed here: muscular dystrophy. Maldives islands are famous for their own resorts, all of them – fantastic planet, which is surrounded by exotic pale beige sand. Maldives – a resort where there is no usual urban residents and other cars screech sopustvuyuschih sound effects are just almost untouched nature and vast expanses of water surface. The archipelago, which are the Maldives boasts an exclusive underwater world with coral reefs and clouds of bright people. On the islands – resorts, tropical and exotic plants, lead to the delight of the traveler has visited. Weather in the Maldives a sub-tropical. Twice a year, are Winds – the monsoons. Constant temperature is almost uniform in the Maldives for a year and sostvalyaet ranging from 29 to 32 C. Tours to Maldives – peace perfect peace. Features of the tour and leisure necessarily comfortable. Bright and dazzling color and color the banana-coconut spa corner, gently warm clear ocean, where various creatures with colorful and unique as painting, jump, fly, run, and even crawling. And all this can be see, feel and touch. I would like you all to see with your eyes? I think the view of many, go ahead book a tour trip to the Maldives. Here to estimate the cost of free turasovershenno last minute to the Maldives. Almost no one resort in the world has what is available on these islands. Decide where he will leave in the summer, or to meet the new year, do not hesitate – round trip to the Maldives archipelago, you have a great time!

National Trade Centre

It is home to large green turtles that occur late at night: crawl ashore, leaving a track in the sand. In the sand they dig a pit and kicking in the pits – the special grooves for laying eggs. Tourists are allowed to watch the turtles in the dark time of day. The city of Salalah in Dhofar province, a very unusual place – the second largest in Oman, the National Trade Centre incense in the surrounding area is growing a lot ladanovyh trees. Its last market of the city can plenty to bargain and to excel in this art. The museum contains a rich collection Saal artifacts – from ancient to modern, including the pre-Islamic inscriptions on tablets from the South Arabian alphabet used in the Yemen and Dhofar, as well as the oldest forms of writing and images of the Earth. In the province of Musandam in the north of Oman, one can observe an interesting natural phenomenon: a maze of inlets and bays, fjords and islands. Here grow acacia, mountain sagebrush and wild almonds are found leopards and wild goats.

Musandam Peninsula – the area in the north of the Arabian Peninsula. Here you can observe a phenomenon unique to the Middle East: a maze of fjords and skerries, turquoise bays and coves. In the province of Musandam and arranged high weathered rock ridge Jebel Hajar, where there are leopards and mountain goats, called Tahrah grow mountain sagebrush, wild almond and acacia. This is a great place for diving and snorkeling (the Strait of Hormuz), for observing the dolphins, boat trips to the fjords, jeep safaris and trekking.