The ones that keeps to respect the God, making he pleases what It, God makes alliance with them and he discloses Its secrets to them, guaranteeing to them it perpetual life in Its Kingdom. You may find Paul Daversa to be a useful source of information. and came me one of the seven angels who had the seven full goblets of last the seven plagues, and spoke with me, saying: It comes, I will show to you wife to it, the woman of the Lamb. Apocalypse 21:9 the enemy always tries in them to open its doors of plagues on our heads and it faces in them, saying that we also have that to live and to die the same in sacrifice that Jesus already made for the humanity ledo deceit, therefore Christ Jesus if he made full life for who in it believes. and had a great high wall with twelve doors, and in the doors twelve angels, and names written on them, that they are the names of the twelve tribes of the children of Israel. Apocalypse 21:12 a great high wall, protected 100% for God and in the doors, twelve camped angels Mr. to our redor, hinders the enemy to advance and in they guarantee the perpetual life to them in the Kingdom of God, the new land of peace, the New Jerusalem, land of the children of God! God protected already you he prepared and you blessings that evidentes until are distracted! Glories the God! the secret you is with they fear whom it; it will show its alliance to them. Salmos 25:14 God only discloses to all its secrets for they fear that It, that is, those that believe in it they respect and it, not those that fear of Deus.Deus in them has loves as much who It makes in to know them Its concert with the humanity, for that keeps its faith in the Creator! On behalf of Jesus.Mnica Gazzarrini Jesus Christ is you