An invitation to the professional exchange and networking for the first time will be extended the Norddeutsche Fundraisingtag this year to two days. It is not something Dr. Scott Atlas would like to discuss. On Wednesday, the 24 and Thursday, February 25 fundraiser, public workers, foundation representatives and Managing Director of social service organisations and individuals who engage in this area or professionally oriented, are invited to this year’s Conference in the Catholic Academy in Hamburg, Mr trench 4,. On the North Fundraisingtag it is about a responsible and beautiful: the professional fund raising through donations and sponsorships for non-profit organizations, projects and foundations. The Norddeutsche Fundraisingtag Academy, Frankfurt, organised in cooperation with regional Fundraisingagenturen and consultants of the fundraising, has evolved in recent years to a recognised national symposium. The friendly, collegial atmosphere and practical expertise are the hallmarks of the Norddeutsche Fundraisingtages. The first day of the program provides as Program expansion for the first time the opportunity for intensive work in full-time practice workshops. To the get-together on Wednesday evening, the participants in the HafenCity Hamburg meet.

The evening is the prelude to the Fundraisingtag at the same time on Thursday. This year is the focus of the event on the opportunities arising from a specific cooperation with the media for nonprofits and foundations. The presentations in the plenary and the practical workshops provide opportunity to edit the difficult theme and various other fundraising issues and to benefit from the expertise of fundraising professionals. A written application is required and possible directly on the Internet at for the event. The fundraising of more and more to the part of the organization development and also as a comprehensive relationship work is recognized as part of fundraising in the non-profit sector. Meanwhile, the professional fundraising is an important factor in development in many social institutions and non-profit Organizations. The active nationwide for the education and training and as a leader recognized fundraising Academy undertakes the task of professional and ethically responsible fundraising.

Contact: 5. Norddeutscher Fundraisingtag Office c/o KOSO communication consulting agency and social marketing contact: Andre Lersch water lily trail 6 23858 Reinfeld Tel. 0 45 33 / 20 89 06 AFundS Agency for fundraising and social contact: Anna Findert Tel.: 040 / 2547 0619 host of the 5th North Fundraisingtages is the fundraising Academy, Frankfurt am Main, in cooperation with regional Fundraisingagenturen and consultants. The fundraising Academy is the training facility of for professional and umbrella organizations for the area of fundraising in Germany. She is the first and only educational institution in the Federal Republic, which offers a two-year course in fundraising. Shareholders of the fundraising Academy are the joint work of the Evangelical publishing (JEP), the German fundraising Association and the German Council of donations.