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Sawing sawmill on tape – an important stage of the material. Poor cutting threatens to breach the specified standards for a particular type of material. High-quality cutting, in turn, involves not only compliance with standards, but also work with the wood of any species. The current market for woodworking machinery is widely represented tape power-saw benches, possessing qualities such as: – high precision cutting – a greater yield of timber than Multiblade machines – compact and light weight – mobility, not to mention your availability, low price and ease of use. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Donald Sussman. The consumer becomes a legitimate question: how to choose the best equipment to work.

How to buy a quality sawmill factory tape, rather than a pig in a poke. First of all, it is necessary to examine products offered on the market. What types and brands of the most common band sawmills and exploited. What advantages and benefits of a product of a manufacturer. However, careful study of all cons.

Assess the conditions under that the selected band sawmill will be used. An important indicator of the success of future operation of the machine – is the availability of the warranty period. The next, equally important indicator is the possibility of holding commissioning. Reliability chosen sawmills should be confirmed not only the accompanying documentation – learn customer feedback. Maintainability – a single element that determines the quality and "Security" buyer. Please note that the lack of maintainability of equipment later require costly maintenance and repairs. And in some cases, can lead to stagnation in production and material losses. Thus to buy a sawmill in fact not so simple. OOO "Golden Section" – band sawmills and machinery otsilindrovochnye production and sale. .

Equipment Acquisition

The modernization of production and setting it up as part of an automated control system is usually solved following main tasks: A survey of production requirements specification implementation of the project of reconstruction of equipment design documentation (electrical circuits for fundamental cabinets control and power cabinets, equipment layout and installation of cable lines, the circuit layout of compressed air, contract specifications for the product, drawing on non-standard units bind hoppers, augers and other products to existing equipment) replacement of the mixing equipment installation position sensors to the gates of bins, hoppers and mixers Reconstruction metering equipment with the replacement of legacy systems dosing on the basis of the new load cell manufacture and installation of weighted metering Reconstruction raw material storage and supply channels to the storage tank materials manufacture non-standard units bind Equipment Acquisition cement hopper screw feeder and breaking gates with air installation of sensors that control the availability and level of material in bins and cement silos Install moisture meters in the hopper of inert and mixers replacement cable routes and laying of new cable channels Fabrication and installation of security shields for engine manufacturing and assembly of control cabinets design and implementation automated control system (ACS) process of concrete production facilities In addition to reconstruction of our specialists developed standard solutions for the automation of various mobile plants as imported (Liebherr, ELBA, ORU, Simem etc.) and domestic production. With this approach, our clients get a modern automated system is fully adapted to Russian conditions and production has more features, and can save on buying expensive automated systems imported by buying factory automation without or with minimal automation and equipping it with our system. Click Professor Roy Taylor to learn more. . .

The Color

Fuel slag and fly ash differ in composition and properties depending on fuel type and method of its combustion. Fly ash is a fine-grained material with small particle size, which allows its use for a number of industries without grinding. A characteristic feature is the presence of ash in it for about 5-6% of unburned fuel, and iron, mainly in the ferrous form. Slag particles range in size from 0.2 to 20-30 mm. In furnaces with liquid slag removal slag is obtained in granular form. It is characterized by glassy structure.

Characteristics and composition of the slag slag – artificial silicates. They consist of oxides of silicon, aluminum, iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese, sulfur, and others. These same oxides contained in the natural deep rock formations. Depending on the proportion of oxides, as well as on the conditions and cooling rate of slag slag melts may have properties of granite or volcanic pumice. And the color of slag are close to the rocks. They can be blue-black, snow-white, green, yellow, pink, gray.

Often they have a silver, pearl and purple hues. Slag can be dense and porous, hard as basalt and tuff as light or coquina. The density of the slag varies from 800 kg/m3 to 3200kg/m3. The proportion of slag, ie, the weight of its substance, is close to the weight of natural stone materials and is 2.5-3.6 g/cm3. According to the chemical composition of blast furnace slag can be divided into basic, neutral and acidic. The basic module includes slag from the basic (M = (CO + MgO) / (SiO2 + Al2O3)), greater than one, to acid is less than unity.