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Unrecognized Risk Of Hypoglycemia

Low blood sugar can have dangerous consequences melting Hutter village diabetes, also called sugar disease, is a very common and well-known disease of civilization, where the blood glucose is permanently increased in our society. Far less well known, but their threats not to underestimate the chronic hypoglycemia, hypoglycemia also is called. Read more from Heart Specialist to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Hypoglycaemia is not considered sickness, but can in several diseases such as celiac disease (gluten intolerance) or by an overdose of blood sugar-lowering medication in the context of diabetes treatment. But also a very strong stress load or high-performance sports it can cause hypoglycemia. Sylvia Poth explains: the symptoms of low blood sugar are very diverse and can vary from person to person. Main symptoms are tremors, difficulty concentrating, sweats, motor disturbances, movement and disorientation, anxiety, pallor, fatigue, headaches and food cravings Sweet. Visit Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. for more clarity on the issue. But not equal to countermeasures taken or no sugar enters the body, the blood sugar level can drop dangerous so that it comes to a Unterzuckerungsschock, which can lead to a coma. If you notice this, it should be something sugary like E.g. Learn more at this site: Dean Ornish M.D.

glucose to as quickly as possible. For people who suffer from low blood sugar, it is therefore important to have always something sugary to the emergency. “Jessica Hund continues: someone in a sugar falls the ambulance should be contacted immediately.” If the person in question still is conscious, you should instill as quickly as possible something sugary him. A unconscious patient you should side in a stable position install and wait until the rescue service arrives, which injects glucose enters the bloodstream directly as an immediate measure.” Sylvia Poth says: is a significant low blood sugar over time across not covered or no countermeasures taken, this may be in the Advanced Stage cause brain damage, engineering change, heart palpitations, high blood pressure, severe mental disorders, paralysis, seizures and hyperexcitability.” Jessica Hund explains: hypoglycaemia should definitely case medically cleared off so that the appropriate treatment can be initiated. Proper nutrition can cause very much in people who suffer from low blood sugar. Important it is distributed to feed carbohydrate-rich food so that the blood glucose level is maintained constant and can not only cause a dangerous drop in sugar the body throughout the day. But not all carbohydrate-rich foods keep the blood sugar at a constant level.

Sugar and white flour-based food while short-term strong whip sugar levels upward, but this drops a few time later all the deeper. Whole grains, fruits and vegetables, however, although slower increase blood sugar levels, but keep him on a “constant higher level and so of low blood sugar can prevent longer.” “Sylvia Poth added: there are on the Internet and in special books food tables, the the so-called glycemic index” and specify the carbohydrate content of foods. The glycemic index indicates how quickly or strongly a particular food increases blood sugar levels can be. I represent the thesis that people with low blood sugar must take more carbs through the daily diet is as healthy people. Therefore a diet with many carbohydrate-rich food is optimal for the affected their glycemic index, but low to medium. This is much healthier than constantly candy to draw on, to drive blood sugar levels up the height for the body.”

Natural Medicine

The Department of natural medicine of Immanuel hospital Berlin turns immediately with fresh, clear optics and smart functionality to patients and other interested parties. Health care and medicine are areas that can be interested in anyone, but overlook the least. Many offers are developed from the perspective of the responsible experts, not from the user. The portal aimed at patients and to those interested in complementary medicine and is completely tailored to their needs. A smart navigation is the key.

From the 3pc for the Immanuel Diakonie developed concept is based the site as up, that reach every visitor without detours or cumbersome search to the topics and information, are interested in him. “On the home page is the naturopathy prominent compass” places. Here, you choose either the picture or the form of treatment, we would like to inform about the, and come immediately to the relevant subpages. So, from the outset, the content is in the foreground. The And services of the Department of natural medicine are presented. With counselors on diet, body and health, the users get additional practical tips for everyday life. Would you then get in touch with one of the doctors or therapists, you will find next to individual topics right a fold-out infobox, where you find contact person and contact information. The website is a service and information portal for patients and other users, that provides basic information, first answers and calls the appropriate people if necessary.

It will connect between the people and the work in the naturopathy at the Immanuel hospital Berlin. The offer is rounded off by a comprehensive library of theme-related audio files, videos, photo galleries, and flyers for download. “Under the heading research”, visitors will find overviews of current and completed scientific studies.

Inflammatory Skin Disease

Psoriasis among, as also the Atopic Dermatitis, the most common inflammatory skin diseases. This chronic skin disease can limit the quality of life of those affected, because the typical skin lesions of psoriasis in some people can lead to a heavy mental burden. Psoriasis, or even psoriasis is characterized by sharp contiguous located off reddish skin areas with whitish dandruff. Often these lesions on the knees or elbows occur, but the disease spread to the whole body and affect also nails, mucous membranes and joints. To read more click here: Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. The outbreak of psoriasis is causes of psoriasis is caused by an autoimmune reaction. While the immune system mistakenly fights cells of the body, whereupon the skin inflammation this attack in response.

This inflammatory response triggers a faster sharing of cells of the epidermis from, causing more tissue is formed and it to the typical Skin thickening comes with dandruff. However, usually a combination of different causes behind a psoriasis. Genetic predisposition is a variety of stakeholders. Other factors that can lead to an outbreak can be certain medicines, such as anti-malarial drugs, beta-blockers or ACE inhibitors, mechanical injury, climatic factors than psychological factors. A cure is not possible therapies of for psoriasis psoriasis, but there are different forms of therapy, which can contribute to a relief or even temporary symptoms disappear. The therapy of psoriasis can be fixed, so outwardly in the form of ointments, creams or lotions, internally with special medication, or in the form of light therapy.

Always a consistent skin care should be supportive.

Eye Diseases Eye Problems

Which eye diseases, eye problems and eye problems there now, you should know, and which one should take in eight? Eye care to prevent eye diseases, to prevent eye discomfort and eye problems, requires regular eye care. Follow others, such as Dean Ornish M.D, and add to your knowledge base. Usually, eye drops for eye care are the drug of choice because otherwise eye moisturising or antibacterial effect. Also eye ointments and eye sprays may be helpful. Sometimes it even helps the eye to treat yourself to a little rest. Which eye diseases, eye problems and eye problems there now, you should know, and which one should take in eight? Common eye diseases, eye problems and eye problems include among other such problems such as dry eye, allergy, eye infections, conjunctivitis (pink eye), corneal ulcers, bleeding of the conjunctiva, styes, Episcleritis, foreign body on cornea and corneal abrasions. Dry eye occurs when the tear ducts aren’t enough Produce tears or the lacrimal fluid drains too quickly. Cardiologist often addresses the matter in his writings. The man is confronted with allergies, when the body’s own immune system haywire and the immune defense against pollen or similar is used.

Eye infections are caused by pathogens that enter the eyes. A conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the conjunctiva. Corneal ulcers are often caused by bacteria or fungi, and are possible after traumas or at special disposition in people with eczema, as well as diabetics, alcoholics and contact lens makers. Bleeding of the conjunctiva can be caused by various diseases or eye injuries. A stye (hordeolum, from Hordeum, the botanical name for barley) is an infection of the Lidrandes, more specifically, a usually purulent inflammation of the glands of the eyelids. An Episcleritis is a superficial inflammation of the sclera, the outer solid layer of the eyeball, the dermis. Foreign body of cornea can through all possible caused that flies just around and is small enough to fly in the eye. This debris can then scratch the cornea and cause corneal abrasions.

What are the symptoms of eye diseases, eye problems and eye problems? How can I ever know that there is something wrong with my eyes maybe? Now, there are many warning signs that hard times come to your eyes. Red eyes, itchy eyes or itchy eyes are one of the most common symptoms for eye diseases and other eye problems. Sore eyes are a serious warning sign. Even with light-sensitive eyes you can be concerned. Sometimes, there is also just tired eyes from diseased eyes or other eye problems. It can also happen that we see dancing dots before the eyes. Aching eyes or symptoms longer persistent others you should promptly a doctor eye, otherwise you a worsening of the disease or even blindness would risk at the end. If you then but diligent and conscientious eye care operates, can be seen hopefully always good and untarnished.

Silver Fabrics

GesundheitsWelt GmbH directly cooperates with Binamed Wolfsburg, January 19, 2010 – the GesundheitsWelt directly welcomes GmbH January 2010 the company Binamed as a new partner. The Bayreuth company is specialized in the production of silver textiles that can be used as adjuvant therapy for inflammatory skin diseases. Eczema or psoriasis are chronic diseases, which are considered to be incurable. Soothing substances in the form of ointments, creams or highly effective medicines available which are not always free from side-effects are the concerned symptom. The chronic inflammatory skin of sufferers is additionally susceptible to micro-organisms due to the unstable acid protective coat, a type of immune system of the skin.

Bacteria, fungi, or viruses can spread to the troubled skin and aggravate the symptoms. These secondary infections must, depending on the type of microbes pathogen, are usually treated. This means an additional medication for patients in local or systemic form. Skin diseases, which are accompanied by a severe itching, such as Atopic Dermatitis, called also Atopic Dermatitis, especially put the person concerned. Sometimes the itching is so strong, that is often not to think of a good night’s sleep. Only scratching on the skin provides the necessary relief”, with the result that the skin condition worsens in addition. Textiles made of silver can provide relief for particularly infected skin diseases.

Elemental silver kills microorganisms on contact, it destroys the enzymes that are responsible for Protozoan pathogens such as bacteria, making these germs suffocate within three-to-six-minute viruses and fungi for the oxygen extraction. Recent tests indicate that in addition to resolve the membranes of the cells of the germ and the cells to die. The studies also show that elemental silver can relieve the typical itching for chronic skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis and psoriasis in the first days of the application. Thus make Silver fabrics complement to the conventional therapy schemes for chronic inflammatory skin diseases represent. At the GesundheitsWelt product shop directly customers from now Binamed-can purchase textiles. Christina Impala which directly is GesundheitsWelt GmbH was founded in a young online companies from Wolfsburg, which 2007 employees of the Deutsche BKK. The Internet portal offers its customers quality tested products around the topics of health, fitness and wellness. This service is rounded off by a carefully researched editorial content. Contact: GesundheitsWelt directly GmbH contact Mr.

Lactose Intolerance

What is the small but fine difference between lactose intolerance and allergies? Dear readers, as promised in my last column, I would like to clean up today with a more common mistake, which is quite often discussed in forums and in which the opinions of the people greatly drifting apart. This error make sure that half of the people with the right that goes other half but with the wrong knowledge out of the House it comes right to put an intolerance with an allergy. This statement is indeed nonsense! Many lactose stakeholders understand under two terms of the same, although an allergy in has nothing to do with a (lactose intolerance). I admit, at first I didn’t really, knew the difference what but simply the reason was, that I was not in the topic and stood still at the beginning of my research, which I had done for my girlfriend at the time. As you already know, my girlfriend has also confirmed by your doctor, that you suffering from lactose intolerant.

Today is my knowledge far above the level where I was earlier still. But now we come back to the actual topic I want you now the small but fine difference between an allergy and a (lactose intolerance) could explain. What is an allergy? We assume you are allergic to cherries. You nibble some of them and have a thick neck shortly thereafter. What happened? Her body responded with the typical symptoms of a classic allergy. When an allergy, your immune system on alert is namely offset. More specifically this responds to the taking of the cherries, but rather on the substances contained therein.

It irritated immune system your body releases the reaction antibody, which spread a variety of body chemicals in the body. This ultimately ensures the typical symptoms that we all know only too well such as itching, redness, swelling, etc. The difference of lactose intolerance to a classic allergy for lactose intolerance, for example, is not the immune system concerned, it metabolism or directly put your stomach and intestinal tract. The who is lactose intolerant, missing a crucial enzyme, which allows the processing of the ingested lactose, the lactase. This is, for example, when a fructose intolerance, which is an intolerance of fructose. Now you know the small but fine difference between an allergy and an intolerance and your destination are a little further I happy Max Watzlawek wish

TeX Mattress

Healthy sleep for house dust allergy special allergy covers for mattresses, allergy sufferers need security, that mattresses are free by allergens and pollutants. So-called encasings provide an allergen reduction. Quilts are special protective covers, mattress, pillow or the blanket wrap. You prevent allergens from the mattress. Ideal encasings circulate air and moisture and provide an effective barrier against mite allergens by good product quality.

The sleep comfort is not restricted. On the contrary, the quilts provide a good night’s sleep, because allergies can be alleviated. The quilts of the company are subject to a high quality standard. They were analyzed in 2012 by the DEKRA laboratory for environmental and product analysis on pollutants and tested according to oKO TeX 100. All measured values are well below the level of determination. No pollutants have been detected.

Protection against dust mites dust mites bed is an excellent place. Warm temperatures and high humidity make for a perfect reproduction of the parasite. Dust mites reside primarily in mattresses, and feed on skin scales, which each person daily loses. Their excrement, which put allergens, many people react with allergic symptoms, such as sneezing attacks, shortness of breath, cough or skin irritation. Quilts protect, that allergens from the mattress. Avoid contact with allergens and micro particles. Furthermore, they hold back germs, mold and bacteria. Pillows, mattress and blanket are simply covered with quilts. Good quilts have a zipper, to facilitate the inclusion. Bed linen is then normally covered about the quilts. Our quilts are provided with the quality seal of the DEKRA and are high quality standards according to oKO TeX 100. The criteria of quilts are subject to specific criteria. The products of the company offer in addition to the encasings criteria properties, through the optimum criteria for Quilts are of advantage. They are an effective barrier against mite allergens and act preemptively in sanitary facilities. The attractive system is distributed only by the company. Our quilts are subject to a high quality and destroy the basis of food mites. You are oKO TeX 100 DEKRA on pollutants tested. The quilts are waterproof, comfortable, soft and breathable. Quilts are suitable for dryer and fully washed easily at 60 degrees. They consist of 100 percent polyester and ensure through their soft fabric for optimum sleeping comfort. The three-sided zipper with a safety hook is used to facilitate involvement. Our quilts are hard-wearing and causing a much lower noise and Crackle. They are tested according to oKO TeX 100 DEKRA. They provide breathing quality and avoid a heating of the body. Liquids can be easily wiped clean with a cloth and no stains on the mattress are formed. Our quilts prevent the formation of unpleasant Eliminates odors, the annual cleaning, or even the new acquisition of a mattress. They are preventative and cost-effective. The comfort plus benefits guarantee a healthy sleep for allergy sufferers and Neurodermetiker and work even after frequent washing. Our quilts also against incontinence offer optimum protection of the protection of the entire mattress is guaranteed. A full protection against the nest of bed bugs, dust mites and mold is through the protective covers. Cost-saving preventive, with high quality standards: The disposal of contaminated mattresses is not required. quilts of the company serve the prevention and to the professional hygiene. We like to share our products to our customers.

The Ears

Also, the tick by the squeezing is secrete toxins which can lead to dangerous side effects. Many people panicked, if they have been bitten by a tick. The reason for this is that is known to many, that ticks Gehirnhautentzundungen or Lyme disease can cause. But, in principle, it is not the tick that causes these or other illnesses, but the substances, the tick can transmit. If the person concerned with the dreaded Lyme disease has been infected, indicated by a circular reddening on the tick bite. This redness is greater remains pale in the Center causes no pain, and may involve a disease there.

Medically, a such disease can occur up to 16 days after the tick bite and show visible via the mentioned symptoms. Still should go to the doctor, if the itching on the bite is strong, burns or the place swells. Swelling of lymph nodes in the body can be dangerous. A doctor in this case and explain without delay when the tick has bitten where and when it has been removed. For the doctor to get proper information, note the tick bite and also the possible size of the animal. This is important for the doctor, ever Once the tick has been removed, the less is the risk of infection. Ticks bite likes warm and protected areas, can sit but also at leg or shoulder. No part of the body rule out this, because even behind the ears or in the head area and the hairline the animal can bite.

If you notice a few days after the bite symptoms, which feels like a flu, symptoms of tick bite can be also. Do not try with drug to cure them, but go to the doctor and to only mention the tick bite. You notice high fever, a stiff neck or headache, you need to vomit and feel very worn, call a doctor. This can be an infection caused by the bite of ticks. Protect yourself with suitable clothing against ticks. Even in the height of summer, you should put long pants woodland and meadow walks. In addition you should apply tick spray or repellent before and during the hike. You search for the hike to first children all over his body and then themselves.

World Diabetes Day

To lower the blood sugar value up to 30 Percent and also increase the effectiveness of insulin. Due to the inhibitory effect on while eating, you should opt for a Variant. Zinc is included among others in oysters, oats and Tilsiter cheese. Chromium can be found in fresh watercress. Sport & movement takes sports directly influence on insulin sensitivity. In plain language: the dose of insulin before exercise must be reduced or additional carbohydrates must be recorded.

Otherwise, it may cause a low blood sugar (hypoglycemia). In the reverse case, a sporting activity is useful, if blood sugar levels are too high. Especially for type 2 patients, the regular exercise is very useful, because continuous participation the weight can be reduced permanently. But also for type 1 sufferers it is trained, as long as they themselves are aware of the dangers. The adjustment of the insulin therapy depends on the nature and the duration of physical exertion.

Before the sport the blood glucose value should be increased easily thus during the activities can be slowly lowered. Snacks (for example fruit or biscuits) are generally very useful. Insulin sensitivity is partly up to 48 hours increases here the reduction of insulin intake should be continued even in endurance sports. As a general rule: the blood sugar value should be checked before the sport. One or two loading may be consumed at a value below 150 mg / dl. A value between 150 and 250 mg / dl is ideal, over 250 mg / dl, an acetone test is required, so that a metabolic derailment (Ketoacidosis) cannot be ruled out. World Diabetes Day since 2006 there is the World Diabetes Day. He was adopted in a resolution of the United Nations and to increase the awareness of the epidemic. But of course there are also many other ways to draw attention to the metabolic disease and its consequences, or to start perhaps new projects. The Internet portal, for example, represents such a platform. It is free and offers you different options on diabetes to enter. There is, for example, the rubric destinies”, where you can publish the story of his life. Share other diabetics who want to give tips and advice, can his knowledge in the field of experts”. Numerous projects invite to join and not rarely emerges from it even a job. Whether searching for like-minded people, or the published work on the subject of diabetes worth a visit of the website in any case.

Occupational Parkinson

The Praxis fur Ergotherapie Elisabeth Brechtel informs the lives of many people is heavily restricted by the Parkinson’s disease. How the modern occupational therapy here can help, depicts the Cologne Ergotherapeutin Elisabeth Brechtel. The symptoms of Parkinson’s disease include extensive errors of motor skills, conscious and unconscious, resulting from a lack of Messenger substance in the neural control of movement. A typical symptom of this loss of control, for example, the frozen-looking facial expression of the diseased, which is hardly in a position to communicate his emotional state of mind. Parkinson’s disease is currently not curable. For this reason, occupational therapy as all other therapeutic procedures is no cure, but a contribution to improving quality of life and independence. It is their goal to allow a possible healthy life patients, in which widely and langstmoglich can be their everyday activities without assistance.

In the framework of the Occupational therapy of Parkinson’s disease patients is counteracted injury fears, taught the use of necessary tools and a training of motor skills which enhances the body control of the patient. The focus of therapeutic efforts is helping the patient in dealing with everyday requirements, because already simple activities such as dressing, the intake of food or the care of the own body often extremely difficult patients. In addition to this everyday under support helps the occupational therapy treatment of Parkinson’s disease patients improve motor skills, as well as mimic expression assets and shall inform their loved ones is, to deal with the accompanying consequences of the disease. Taking into account the individual circumstances of the patient and to ensure maximum independence and self-sufficiency have special meaning. Therefore deliberately in the occupational therapy, to enable a largely resource-free lifestyle focus. An important Aspect is the customization of everyday life from the effects of Parkinson’s disease. The simple rooms to a wardrobe can already meet the limited movement capabilities of those affected and cause large reductions.

The Parkinson’s disease is highly customizable. For this reason, a precise coordination of therapeutic measures is required for each individual case, the Elisabeth Brechtel as experienced occupational therapist like in the Cologne area supported with words and deeds.