The prepaid UMTS surf stick fare of Sport1 in overview of prepaid UMTS stick can be obtained from the official product portal of SPORT1 GmbH in the Internet. Click ALS Association to learn more. Alternatively to placing an online order, customer specified number can perform a telephone order from the order hotline. An installation of additional software or driver is not necessary for the use of the prepaid UMTS stick. The Sport1 surf stick must be connected only with the USB port of the notebook or computer user, a software installs itself even. For the first use, the acquisition of starter sets is necessary.

This costs 24.95 EUR once and includes a credit in the amount of EUR 5.00. Since it is a prepaid UMTS stick is, there is no cost risk. Prepaid means that services must be paid in advance, so that they can be used. There is no financial obligation beyond the costs paid in advance. As for prepaid products, no contract or minimum term exists. It can be used only paid services.

With consumption of upfront payments, no further use is possible. This means absolute cost certainty. Data packages are paid in advance and called “Surf packages”. There are currently three different surfing packages offered. 1 hour surfing is 0.99 euros. 12 hours are at 2.99 EUR and surf a week costs only 9.99 EUR. In a members area for the customer personally provided, the available credit balance can be checked. Even without existing balances, with the Sport1 surf stick can be used also. This service is always provided. The prepaid UMTS stick provides only services for mobile browsing UMTS and GPRS network (also: EDGE and HSPA). Who help these technical terms, needs only to know that these are the usual mobile network standards, and the going beyond browsing services, such as the assignment of a number is not provided. It is dependent on the respective residential area possible with up to 3.6 Mbit / s to surfing. This is quite similar to DSL speed at home. It is therefore a service with high speed. The use for Internet telephony, instant messaging and file-sharing in the field of P2P is not allowed. The services are provided through the telecommunications provider Vodafone. It is gratifying that a micro SD memory card can be used in the Sport1 surf stick for technically advanced users. It supports a data volume of up to 16 GB. Thus can the prepaid UMTS stick as USB memory misuse. Loss is usually not the risk that third parties use services at your expense, because a PIN request is started at the beginning of the connection. Because it is a prepaid product, this query can be disabled but also by the user, if this process as disturbing is perceived.