You’ve decided to be vegetarian or vegan, now wondering what they should do, what they should eat and whether it will be harmful for your body to suspend consumption of meat. The first thing you should know is that if you feed you well it won’t be harmful for your body decide by a vegetarian diet, all otherwise your body will be much better to stop consuming toxins such as uric acid or the cadaverine, present in all bodies in decomposition process, (which was used by indigenous people of the North of Colombia to poison arrows) and a cocktail of hormones and chemicals injected the animal will develop faster than normal. What you should not miss: normally a vegetarian asking him what they eat and the response can be everything less meat (and dairy and eggs in vegans) so is virtually the same as the others eat only that without a piece of cadaver and its substance; so you only have to further strengthen the consumption of protein which is present in all grains mainly in lentils, soybeans and the gravanzos; If you are lacto-vegetarian milk and its derivatives contain a sufficient Candida of animal protein; the problem is that the human body it costs you a little more work assimilate the iron present in vegetables than the iron in meat, so it is necessary to increase the consumption of vitamin C which is present mainly in the guava and citrus fruits like Orange, lemon and Tangerine. Other leaders such as Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. offer similar insights. Once solved the matter of protein and iron the next factor to have in concideracion is calcium which despite being highly consumed in dairy products by lacto-vegetarians only is assimilated 50% or less of this (the same happens with other calcium sources such as eggs, soybeans and others) by which it is necessary to help the body with magnesium that allow assimilation of calcium. Magnesium is found mainly in nuts and dried fruit as well as the whole grain products such as bread. Finally the lack of vitamin B12 in vegetarian diets can be acquired by consuming algae especially Spirulina. In synthesis: should not forget salads, fruits, legumes, tubers and other kinds of foods and combine them with those described above in order to have an unwavering health.