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Healthy Enzymes

What is the Co Q10 Enzyme? by your unique herbal product store online for the health. Recent studies have shown to very promising correlations between the high levels of consumption of the Q10 coenzyme and the reduction of the symptoms (or slower beginning of the symptoms) of the disease of Parkinson and the congestive cardiac disease. The capacity to synthesize the Q10 Coenzyme falls with the age. The Q-10 Coenzyme is similar to the vitamin K, which protects our bodies against the free radicals and exerts a protective effect on cellular membranes. One is necessary a natural liposoluble antioxidant form for the operation of each cell of our organism.

One takes place of natural form in the body and we could not survive without her. If the levels of this enzyme decrease, also it makes our health generally. Low Coenzyme levels Q 10 can bring about high arterial pressure, attacks to the heart, angina of chest, depression of the immunological system, periodontal, lacking disease of energy and obesity. The weaves that they require more energy (as the heart) also requires of majors amounts of CO-Q-10. Speaking candidly Dean Ornish M.D told us the story. The chest angina is a disease in which sufficient oxygen availability does not exist for the cardiac muscle. Patients with cardiac deficiencies have seen beneficiaries with greater force and vigor when taking supplements from CO-Q-10. CO-Q-10 can stimulate the immune system of natural form, which is in a still greater range of benefits for the health derived, as it is logical. The Q10 Coenzyme acts like a transporter for the Chain of Electron transfer, which is the final step of a complex process of production of energy from foods assimilated by the organism.

The Q10 Coenzyme acts like an important antioxidant and is demonstrated that it improves the function of the cardiac muscle. Additional uses have been demonstrated that the Q10 Coenzyme improves the cardiovascular diseases, like for example the angina of chest, the arrhythmias, etc.? Q10 coenzyme can increase to the resistance when increasing the aerobic capacity and the levels of corporal energy. Studies demonstrate that the Q10 Coenzyme improves the reproductive functions and the motilidad of the sperm. The Q10 Coenzyme stimulates the formation of antibodies and white blood cells. The Q10 Coenzyme can prevent deterioation of encas. It avoids the tissue hypoxia and it prevents the spots of the skin related to the aging. Original author and source of the article.

Gastric Bypass

The obesity is one of the diseases with greater index of mortality nowadays, and in addition it is the cause of many other diseases. Thanks to the endless ones of foods with too many conservatives who the society consumes, is very easy to suffer of obesity and for some people it can be impossible to lose the weight that after many years has won. Bypass gastric can get to be the unique option for these people, reason why in Mexico and in Monterrey many doctors have especially specialized in the accomplishment of bypass gastric. Bypass gastric is an operation that consists of the diminution the size of the stomach and the union of the stomach with the part of the intestine that is not in charge of the absorption of calories. This operation can be conducted of two ways, first by route abierta, that consists of the opening of certain part of the body to have a clear vision of how the organism of the patient is constituted and second laparoscopa is by means of one, that is by means of one small incision for the incursion of a small camera with which it will be able to conduct the operation.

Second it is used, since its recovery time is shorter and the size of the much more small scar. Thanks to the accomplishment of bypass gastric many people have had the opportunity to improve their health, that is to say, when losing weight can realise with greater facility physical activity, or to improve the condition of some disease that they had, to say the diabetes, many diabetic patients have gotten to control their disease. And many other people have prevented some serious disease with bypass gastric. Original author and source of the article.


DECONSTRUCCION OF the PSYCHOPATHOLOGY In the article: Schizophrenia: components of the personality like risk factors, Lemos Giraldez S. (1989) realises a dissection of the vision of this alteration, from the study of the components of the personality. setts-ID024341.html ‘>Steven P Rosenthal and gain more knowledge.. First of all, sample that still does not exist an agreement on the analysis of these components, nor on the knowledge of the nature and the causes of this upheaval, and either on the relations of both. But it emphasizes that certain indicators of the personality can be deduced that can influence in him. The author indicates that the possibility that exists there are premorbid characteristics that the future indicate upheaval, that it is possible to be indicated by its marked characteristics to the subjects in risk, and that schizophrenic genotype can mark the personality through esquizotpicos or esquizoides characteristics in schizophrenic futures or their nonpsictica family.

In addition, it realises an exhaustive route by its etiolgicos aspects, analyzing visions and models of different authors; and it realises another one by diverse studies of the personality pre-schizophrenic. Both, allow him to reach the conclusion that the personality is not the unique cause of the Schizophrenia, but that according to many studies, strong or weak personalities are related respectively to positive or negative evolutions of the upheaval. As it is possible to be seen in the article, if part of the knowledge of the characteristics characteristic of the human beings offered by Psychological Science, is possible the comparison and the classification of the people, in agreement with needs and objectives, obtaining itself a valuation when relating them to statistical normality, with the characteristics of the majority. But, it happens that the valuation of these personal characteristics is very variable in the space and the time, so that a determining sociohistrico frame is formed and valid for a little while given and it does not stop another one.

The Liberating

Eye, is not revenge, the revenge does not request arbitration with an authority superior, justice IF, and when justice becomes, you do not feel that unhealthy joy of haberte taken revenge, but a lightening of to have made justice without rebajarte at the level of your adversary. So that he is different? because in fact you will have pardoned to the person by the evil that did to you, nevertheless you know that it must receive a right punishment, and serious accomplice of its acts, if you remain cayado, and nonbeams necessary so that justice becomes. Nevertheless, but the difficult thing and almost seems impossible, is the pardon to one same one, often – and I count myself between these we tormented ourselves by committed errors, without intention, without to have wanted to hurt to others, but nevertheless step, even the offended ones, can have pardoned and have forgotten the incident to us. But one same one continues tormenting itself with the fault. He is but difficult and but the liberating thing simultaneously, when you manage to understand, and to reason thoroughly, as well as to feel that one I am in the past and you must follow ahead and leave back to the remorse and the resentment and others, is when the pardon same (a) changed the life to you. But it must be a real pardon, of another way, will not have effect, you must pardon and forget. So that you feel the lightening, the rest and peace in your soul, and will surprise to you what this does in your physical and emotional health. Original author and source of the article.

Human Street

Since I have said before, by my work and my day to day I very see close by the problematic one of the abandonment, but I do not have to take one hundred steps to see the clear example of the human irresponsibility with the animal, in the urbanization where I reside is almost impossible to give a stroll without seeing dogs and cats deanbulando free by the streets, without necklace, plate, chip and sterilizing, every year appear more cats in my eaten street asking, are cats born in the streets, the dogs pursue in groups, mate among them etc.y but surprising it is that they are not left, they have proprietor, usually they are racially mixed dogs of great size or medium, all estan dirty, without cepillar and many of them are aggressive with the people. their irresponsible proprietors have infinity of arguments to defend " " freedom of his " " mascots, but in any case do not consider neither the security of their dogs nor the one of the even young people who take a walk by the street, nor the dirt and the flaws which they make the animal in dustbins, nor think either about the dangerous thing that a car was with one of these dogs, could bring about an accident that could be mortal for the conductor and the dog. it either does not seem to matter to them of the puppies the future that naceran of the matings between street dogs. It would like to be able to contribute me a number of the puppies that are born in this way in the urbanizations and countryside, but unfortunately I do not have numbers, although surely they would be sorprendentes.o equivalent to the numbers of abandonments of protective animal associations. to all these puppies podriamos them to add the hundreds of dogs left after every season of hunting. .