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The Aesthetic Medicine

The appearance of these signs represents a shout of aid of our skin, which lets us know so demand of aid specialized and opportune, on the part of the doctor. Otherwise, the process of premature aging or the senility of the skin, could become something irreversible, requiring measured more aggressive for its correction, as it is the case of the plastic surgery. The ideal age to give to beginning to the treatment of the expression wrinkles or dynamic lines is around the 35 to 40 years, moment at which little deep and they are marked. The Aesthetic Medicine account within its therapeutic resources with the Botox for the treatment of this type of affection, being its application a noninvasive solution, designed to give back the freshness to the face, without alteration of the face characteristics. This allows to recover an image natural and healthful, of an effective way, safe and reasonable.

The Botulnica Toxin type To, well-known generally by one of its commercial names, the one of Botox, has the capacity to produce a located relaxation of the muscle. The procedure consists of applying very small amounts of the product in the portion of the muscle whose activity is excessive, to relax and, this way, to prevent the appearance with wrinkles, either to smooth the existing wrinkles or. The treatment is not painful, since a very small amount is applied, with a very fine needle. Without hesitation Barbara Martin Coppola explained all about the problem. It either does not interrupt the rate of life of the patient, inasmuch as it is not necessary to take a free day for the application. The Botulnica Toxin Type A (Botox, Vistabel ) is used for almost 17 years and their security and effectiveness have been verified widely. Once selected the zone to try and applied the product, the effects will appear gradually in the course of 3 to 10 days, and so the patient will begin to have an aspect more Lozano, relaxed candy and. A game to the aging will have gained him.

If it wishes more information, uses our form here online, without no commitment. It can benefit from the following supply until the 31 of March. For Spain it contacts here. For Venezuela it contacts here in the following connection. To indicate in the SUPER subject PROMOTION BOTOX.

The Degree

With respect to the aging of the skin, it is possible to emphasize that the majority of the signs classically associated with the age, recently has been associated more to a lack of taken care of of the skin that to the age in itself. During the clinical valuation of the skin of a patient, through physical examination, following the degree of hydration, turgencia, elasticity, pigmentation, presence of wrinkles, etc., we collect data of great semiolgico value, which allow us to clearly differentiate a taken care of skin, of a mistreated skin, as well as the presence of own signs of the aging. The skin of our body generally is exposed multiple aggressions that can produce their premature aging, but the face, the neck, the decollete and the hands are the zones that are more affected because they are unprotected, habitually throughout all the year. The indiscriminate exhibition to the sun, without an suitable protection, is one of the circumstances that accelerate the aging process more. But there are other factors that contribute with the premature deterioration of the skin, as it is the case of the consumption of cigarettes and the exhibition to the environmental contamination. These two, along with excessive exposure to the sun, originates the formation of the free radicals in this way and alterations in the DNA of the cells, producing wrinkles, dehydration, flaccidity and spots. The free radicals affect fibers of colgeno and elastic fibers diminishing them amount and quality, that entails to the formation of wrinkles and the famous cracks that we denominated furrows. These wrinkles and furrows are deepened in the zones of greater gesticulation (lines of hiper-expression) and although they are consequence of the natural emotional expression of the individual, they are marking the track of the most frequent and more intense emotions in the face, giving him that married, out of position and untidy aspect. The Cleveland Clinic will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

Human Street

Since I have said before, by my work and my day to day I very see close by the problematic one of the abandonment, but I do not have to take one hundred steps to see the clear example of the human irresponsibility with the animal, in the urbanization where I reside is almost impossible to give a stroll without seeing dogs and cats deanbulando free by the streets, without necklace, plate, chip and sterilizing, every year appear more cats in my eaten street asking, are cats born in the streets, the dogs pursue in groups, mate among them etc.y but surprising it is that they are not left, they have proprietor, usually they are racially mixed dogs of great size or medium, all estan dirty, without cepillar and many of them are aggressive with the people. their irresponsible proprietors have infinity of arguments to defend " " freedom of his " " mascots, but in any case do not consider neither the security of their dogs nor the one of the even young people who take a walk by the street, nor the dirt and the flaws which they make the animal in dustbins, nor think either about the dangerous thing that a car was with one of these dogs, could bring about an accident that could be mortal for the conductor and the dog. it either does not seem to matter to them of the puppies the future that naceran of the matings between street dogs. It would like to be able to contribute me a number of the puppies that are born in this way in the urbanizations and countryside, but unfortunately I do not have numbers, although surely they would be sorprendentes.o equivalent to the numbers of abandonments of protective animal associations. to all these puppies podriamos them to add the hundreds of dogs left after every season of hunting. .