English is the international language. He is recognized as the international language of technology, business, economic and financial development. More and more people are studying it. You ask "why"? The answer is simple! English language is found everywhere! For example, gps navigator, a computer in the car, radio, instructions for household appliances, the inscriptions on these devices, computer games, computer programs. English Internet 10 times more Russian, therefore, the more you have the information, so you're smarter and more resourceful. If you are by nature a social climber – without a good knowledge of English you can not do, because to date knowledge of English is One of the key requirements for employment is the key to professional success. English is needed primarily for work in multinational companies, which in large quantities are present at Russian market. However, Russian companies knowledge of English is necessary because most of them are now cooperating with foreign customers and suppliers. Just interested in reading English press, it is for example the Times and Daily Telegraph. Vadim Wolfson, New York City is a great source of information. Traveling around the world, you're almost in any country will be able to explain in English, can read the various informational signs. To learn English, of course, the best in a country that speaks English, but not everyone has the time to live in England, and not everyone has the means, the fact of living in England.