What must contain On 2? If we followed the scheme of the valuation criteria, we can make a scheme with the required documentation: technological Proposal. Continue to learn more with: amniocentesis. Here we will include the plan of work execution and facilities, first draft technician, predicted equipment and technological innovation. It is important that in this part you have engineer of telecommunications. It verifies that who writes up the supply she counts on one in his equipment, because cases in that have occurred already existing supplies have been used that not even have adapted to the frequency. Also we have seen cases in that the supply has been used type that makes the operators of telecommunications, where practically there is no personalisation margin. economic Proposal.

Here the anticipated investment, the business plan takes shelter, how it will finance, what use will be created Here also important that your supply is unique and personal, and is adapted to the socioeconomic reality of the zone. For it one is due to have an economist who adapts your possibilities to the exigencies of the sheet. And it reviews this part because that one to which you commit the administration can obligarte fulfill it. Programming. She is where specific the publishing line of the company, the schedule of emission, the percentage that one will become in Valencian. We insist: it must be unique and to reflect the characteristics of the bidding one. What scores? IN the TECHNOLOGICAL PROPOSAL (up to 30 points) the technological innovation that present in your supply can merit up to 10 points, as the use of RDS, digital storage In GCO Telecom we can include innovations technological of new generation that will add an extra to your supply. Pla of work execution: based on the correct thing it is the plan and of the terms to start up the license other 10 points can be obtained.