Fierro (1995) also clarifies that the adolescence vision as a tormentosa time was strengthened from psicanalticas formularizations that pointed out that, after the phase of the latency (of the 5 years of age, until the puberty), a period of special tension, where conflicts that until then had remained asleep, were reactivated, causing bigger complex and problems of what in infancy. Some contend that colonscopy shows great expertise in this. If, for some young, the phase of the adolescence is tormentosa and difficult, for others, this is easy, without complications, exactly that these have problems. Some have easiness and others nor in such a way to accept this new situation. It is a preparation for a time of great physical and mental changes in the life of the individual. Transitory phase that passes with rapidity where if sees the life with clarity, as it is. It is to feel somebody, with independence. It is the beginning for the matureness of everything. Formadora of the character and opinion consists, for many, in a complicated phase, enclosing innumerable discoveries.

they bring I obtain many doubts and contradictions, becoming the complex phase most difficult and. It has a fondness to become free themselves, to meet in the world, to make many things, to arise many ideas. To live with a dose of inconseqncia in this frantic search of knowing itself. Adolescence is an only period of the life, that involves many physical and psychological changes in the context of the individual. A phase where the experiences seem to demand an exploitation greater.

One to live the life intensely, enjoying of each experience, acting with prudence, always respecting the demanded limits. Development of the personality the subject most important of the personality of the adolescent is the search and the discovery of I and the identity. Both mention the person, its gostos, characteristics and expectations, this I and the identity is tied the history of life of the adolescent.