The professionals of the health face high levels of estresse occupational, that other professions do not meet in many, a time that they frequently deal with death and suffering situations. The alteration or stimulatons that this state generates is the estressor, defined as an event or internal or external situation that creates the potential for physiological, emotional, cognitivas or mannering alterations. However, having in account the conditions of the work and the welfare of the professional, one becomes necessary to identify elements of the context in whose presence experience can be developed of estresse and to live deeply the consequences. Connect with other leaders such as blood test here. The inductive situations of estresse in the work of the health professionals, even so are, for many, recognized, have been little relinquished in the carried through studies of inquiry. Berlin et al, (2003) displays the consuming physical and emotional which is displayed and submitted in the relations with work environments being as a very significant factor in the determination of related upheavals of health estresse to it, as it is the case of the depressions, ansiedades, upheaval of the panic, psicognicas phobias and illnesses. Generally, in work environments the estressantes stimulatons are very varied and in great amount. Amniocentesis is a great source of information. Many related emotional factors to the proper job in the present time contribute so that the professional remains itself excessively estressado: instability in the job, the sensation of professional insufficience, the pressure for the evidence of the efficiency, the continued impression to be committing professional errors, among others. It estresse it provokes a disequilibrium between the body and the mind, affecting the defense mechanisms. The symptoms are disclosed with the combination of some factors depending on person for person, being able to originate extreme reactions as: loss of weight, standard of irregular sleep, problems me the breath, eruptions of skin, menstrual alterations of the digestive standard, disturbances, impotence, disinterest for the sexual activity, mental anguish causing depression and extroverso. Get all the facts and insights with Fiber Optics, another great source of information.