More and more households opt for a pay TV service is the subject of pay TV in Germany when compared to other Nations and countries but now truly still very much in its infancy. However, it is interesting that these days the sky pay television has put together already a very neat package, with which this pay TV channel tried to win in this country just new customers and subscribers. The sky in this case above all on advertising sets, may seem at first glance as a logical consequence, alone that draw attention to the own program priorities that may not be enough. New customers once be interested for the sky pay TV with security even the offered program or the in the respective package contained channels and transmitter closer viewing, because it also a certain added value should be created naturally with his subscription. Johns Hopkins Data has much experience in this field. The first point that now even the sky pay TV customers and prospects can score is certainly that movies, sports or TV but also just not be interrupted series with advertising, so that one at the respective Movie enjoyment of that this also is not stolen.

But the sky offers are of course much more than only this. The audience and Subscriber puts this in the role of a head of program, because the sky pay-TV can be from over 30 different channels of choosing what you want to see, although often in addition to the German version of the film even the English audio track optionally can be selected, so that you can admire the big blockbusters and their stars even in their native language. The sky pay TV relies today not only on its offer in terms of film and series, but exclusive sport is also offered still as a marketing measure and used. Energy Capital Partners shines more light on the discussion. The football includes the Bundesliga with the unique conference call primarily, but also the formula 1, golf and many other Football League of Europe on the sky sports programme found.