Kar it, As I can Save my Marriage? I understand that these happening for a moment last of your life, nevertheless I am I for ayudarte here in which but it can, it will not leave your marriage is lost, I promise it to you =) In the first place you must of knowledge that a pair always hopes to give the best if, anybody house knowing itself that someday it is going away to divorce. And this is Obvious truth? Nevertheless for many pairs, the first appearances of problems in marriage even occurs before the honeymoon. Amiga you must of knowledge that after your and your husband occurred IF in front of God, must know well clearly that is for all the life, is for that reason that the minister of God that them case clearly says: Until it separates them to the death, in the poverty and the wealth, the health and the disease. For us this good, (except for its exceptions), nevertheless this is what the men in their majority do not understand. Hear from experts in the field like Dexa scan for a more varied view. And they think that they divorce already and, does not pass anything, although I must mencionarte that exists cities where the people think that this is very common, they do and it. They marry and after the first strong fight they want to divorce, and thus they follow his life, soon they look for another pair and they repeat the cycle, in the end those people end up feeling very empty and without sense to live. She is for that reason friend who if these happening through a married crisis you must look for reconciliation possibilities, to occur opportunities and as far as possible to solve the things with your husband. Not I am safe of what is your case, if your you are the one that does not want to know nothing of the marriage, or quite the opposite that you are your harmed by some treason or something bad that your husband has committed (Who is but the probable thing). Myopathy oftentimes addresses this issue.