When searching for motorbikes to buy one must be prepared to perform all kinds of questions and revisions. It is the only way to be sure the bike to buy is precisely what offered. When you’re determined to buy bike, prepare yourself and enjoy more the purchase process. Here is our small guide of things to check when it leaves to buy used motorcycles. Obviously the revision will be mechanically speaking. already of papers and documents is another thing.

Note: the jangling I put is merely as an illustrative example since not streamlined and is easy to point there pains; the GS500 are generally reliable muyyyyyyyy motorcycles, low consumption and very nearly indestructible, don’t go with the idea that are bad, this applies for all bikes even) to review: 1.-chassis-chassis point-to-point assert cheese, showing cracks, paint launched, cracks of oxide and also painting suspected recent in certain parts (steering column and engine anchors are the more screwed) 2.-tires-revises the depth, advertisers of wear and which not they are cracked, a mana that used to make them see new is baste with coca cola so they glow. 3.-Brakes-State of disks, brake shoes and drums, review are not bent and drums having no dead zones when braking (ovalizados) 4.-fork.-check that not pull oil and make it uniform, for this you have to do is support you firmly on the handlebars, apply the front brake and push bar, that goal is and out properlyThere you realize as anda and if strip oil the bar there it will spit it… (hazlo Fort not passes nothing = or) 5.-shock absorber-is the same system, only that here you must lean strong on the back of the bike to see how it sinks and rises, there should be no jumping nor loss of oil, if this very rebotona, check the adjustment and if okay so say it, maybe this cushion was called.