Zeitlauf is thus once again signs and shows how you can construct small and resource-conserving because the performance in relation to the minimum installation space is virtually impossible to beat. Difficult conditions? No problem! The oversizing of drives, often in the past is today anything but modern. Above all in harsh ambient conditions and tough requirements often for safety’s sake “an above the performance design implemented. PerforMax plus the drive specialist has designed with once again a technologically leading solution. The case of the output stage is completely made of steel, then hardened and therefore extremely robust. Thus, the compact geared motors due to their performance can be always use, where other providers long need to work with larger sizes. Often lacking with comparable performance to the corresponding impact of the drive unit. In terms of efficiency, an important criterion in the modern transmission technology, Zeitlauf has proven his longstanding engineering expertise and technological leadership.

Performance par Excellence plus covers a performance and range the entire series with the new PerforMax, which is second to none. Ideally matched, it offers always the correct power level for a variety of ways. With the optional applicable radial load level HRL also extra high radial loads can be absorbed. Depending on the output speed radial forces can be transferred from up to 2,000 N. Also in relation to the ratios, the PerforMax is technologically far forward family.

Ratios of up to 17:1 in a level are unique performance criteria in the drive market it’s maximum power output at minimal space. In addition, that the ratios are harmoniously considered and deliberately more finely divided mainly in the area of the small ratios. The extensive engineering expertise also allows a motor shaft gear with three teeth in special cases even only with one tooth. The optimal matching of speed and power make the planetary gear series finally a modular transmission concept with highest performance orientation. That as regards the choice of engines is also evident in the future-oriented concept, what. The modern EC and BLDC motors offer here outstanding options. The customized power densities of PerforMax plus are optimally adapted to this new engine concepts. An additional benefit is achieved by allowing modification of the housing, so that drive concepts can easily be realised for the adaptation to customer specific housings. Our goal is actively developing energy-efficient transmission and engine technology to promote, in the long term with unbeatable value on the Convince market. “With the planetary PerforMax we provide innovative system provider for mechatronic drive solutions that processes can be designed with our high-performance, energy-efficient and low-maintenance gear solutions that kon is for all applications so economically and profitably as possible? gure leave”, as Thomas Horz, Managing Director of the company Zeitlauf Antriebstechnik GmbH & co. KG. For more information, see: