When the moment arrives for facing the mistakes it is necessary to analyze them to cold blood; without excusing to us nor also putting hypocritical excuses to us, but without walking offering mental beatings to us as if we had had the bad will of which in fact it has had in this. We must accept the own responsibility that we have had in our mistakes and not become fugitive of the reality. What we did we did it and we are not going to look for excuses or to throw faults to others because we would always remain in a sad mediocrity. Each failed has a list of excuses and it refuses to face its errors. The victors accept that they have been mistaken but they do not remain calm until amending his errors. If we allowed that our errors get depressed to us, when not knowing how to face the mistakes, we are made a great one badly and we did not secure any benefit. The strong personalities react positively after committing an error.

How? Striving not to commit it more, and to improve remarkably its behavior in future. Those that does not have personality or have too much weak, they are knocked down in moans, excuses, car compassion and senses condolences that are lived giving themselves. Not to know how to face the mistakes brings depression, because we remembered with rage the committed errors. The depression is a saboteur, one that intentionally is making damage wherever it arrives and thus throw down the personality and to damage seriously the health. Babe Ruth became famous by its impressive batazos, but it recognized that it was mistaken to bat 1.333 times. And it was then not discouraged did not think about the 1.333 mistaken batazos but about the 300 obtained. No discoverer, famous politician or trader dare to affirm that he never committed an error; they committed all it. But those that got to obtain overwhelming triumphs had a quality common: they knew to face his mistakes. Visit our Web: and it explores a different and reliable way to obtain very good income. Original author and source of the article.