When deciding to buy a picture, a person can be guided by a variety of reasons, to help you decide, I would venture to give some advice as to why you need to pay special attention to of Odessa painters. Primarily, these paintings masterfully executed. Odessa painters have always been known for its school, which has more than 100-year history. Odessa Art School tradition of carefully kept through the years and decades. Frequently blood test has said that publicly. Odessa artists works are in many galleries and private collections the world. For all the artistic significance of art in Odessa masters can not pay attention to their low price today. This may explain the undeveloped art rynkka Ukraine. But here it must be emphasized that the evaluation of art has grown over the last period and it is very important regardless of economic failure.

Attention should not be applied to attract professionals of the fact that for the past ten years, contemporary art of Ukraine became the subject of intense interest world of specialists and experts on contemporary art, representatives of the major auction houses such as Sotheby's, chrIstIe's and PhIllIps de pury, they note a high, but still underestimated the market's investment potential of modern iskusstava Ukraine. At auction Christie's, Sotheby's and Philips de Ruru ago hear the individual names of national art figures: Mikhailova, Bratkov, Roitburd, Chichkan. The work of the latter was sold at auction for Philips de Rugu $ 73 000 – yet it's a record for Ukraine. Alexander Roitburd does not need representation nor we, nor abroad: in 1993 one of his works was included in the permanent collection of MoMA New York, three years before the exhibition opened Roitburd Marat Gelman Gallery – still one of the strongest former Soviet Union. Design professionals will attract a wide range of styles and genre trends. Here you can buy any home decor, and are not afraid to repeat, it is hereby work of art and become the most attractive accent the room.