In the cold season is especially important question about the fight against viruses and infections. After this period weakened immune system and is particularly vulnerable to disease. Most often the disease begins with fever, and we habitually drawn to the tablets, medicinal powders. Do they really need, can you can do without them? In principle, the temperature rose – a helper in the fight against infection. Trapped in the body the virus develops the best at a temperature of 35-36 degrees, stopping at 38-38,5 reproduction, and between 39 degrees and above – are killed. It is therefore no need to bring down the temperature if it is not very high – below 38 degrees. However, to facilitate the general condition will help in this If plenty of warm drink from herbs or berries to avoid dehydration, it is best to perform this procedure every 3 hours.

But it so happens that at elevated temperature was rapidly deteriorating health, a headache, there are muscle cramps. Then you can use fruits and vegetables. For example, a great help use lemon. Tablespoon of lemon juice diluted with warm water and sweeten to taste, after a drinking improvement comes already Half an hour later. As for external use, you can wipe the body of lemon juice mixed with water in half. Lemon can also replace the carrots, then it rubbed on a grater, squeeze the juice, heated, and drink half a glass every half hour. To cool off you can also use alcohol or plain vodka. Moistened gauze in her obterayut patient's body from head to foot, and change it into dry clothes, if there is excessive sweating.

If the napryazhenka home with alcohol or vodka, you can use vinegar. If the temperature is slightly above 38 degrees, with a 3% solution of vinegar is enough to wipe his feet on the feet to the knees and chest. At a temperature of 40 degrees should be done packs with 6% – 9% or vinegar. If fever is very good 15-minute warm shower or warm drink such as tea with raspberries. After this procedure should be put on warm socks and go to bed. Sweating will help to reduce the temperature.