Once you meet all the above requirements, you can give account you’re fully concentrated on you and your body. You’re a good time so quietly. It is important to do well the alignment because it is necessary before each exercise. More info: The Michael J. Fox Foundation. The fist (breathing, part 2) now starts to breathe slowly and deeply, (but you’ve done it before), but with the concern not to move the shoulders or chest, but only with the strength and movement of your abdomen (part of your energy centre) both inhalation and exhalation, one every 5 seconds approximately. Once you have mastered the abdominal breathing (which is the way in which we should breathe at all times) you begin to inhale by force with your abdomen to expel all the air from your abdomen so that they would have given you a punch in the stomach.

You keep practising until you master it completely. It is important to apply, as far as possible, this technique at all times. First exercise: the hundred-aligned, pick up both arms stretched and stiff, the sides hip floating in the air and move them quickly while we inhalamos and exhale in 5 seconds. Then, bring both knees against chest flectadas (as if we were hugging them) and perform the same movement of arms, 5 seconds inhaling and exhaling 5 seconds for 10 times in a row. Second exercise: Roll-Down supports the plant of your feet against the floor (by bending and lifting your knees). Inhaling, you raise your head and shoulders; then, exhaling you pick up to sit (making the force with your energy centre). Place your palms on the outer side of your ankles (your Palm right on the right side of your right ankle and equal with the left) and while you breathe, you go down to leave your back at 45 with respect to the ground; you exhale and return. Continue to learn more with: MJFF.