How much to the liar, its ego also is defended by means of estrias and fancies that calm its soul or torment its existence so that the lie is kept and believed as truth. The liar is anxious yes for being it a person who tries to preserve itself of a suffering, if defends of a danger without real weight. Segal (1993, P. 36) on the fancies says that they ' ' (…) they are on defenses. The proper fact of fantasiar, is a defense against realities dolorosas' '. In this manner the liar understands a situation as dangerous, that threat its ego, and to defend fancy the reality and transmits this fancy with truth tone, if questioned the lie does not pass for truth and the liar reached its objective: if to defend of a danger. Its anxiety does not stop for there, now the liar has that to program other lies to keep the previous one.

The defense now is of the suffering that he himself produced when it propagated the first lie. This goes to become a snow ball that only grows in volume when it absorbs another snowflake that is its front. The lie is a so serious subject that until it receives attention special and until classification when is changedded into illness (the compulsion for lying). They exist at least two illnesses of the lie that are: the pseudolalia and the mythomania. The pseudolalia vitiates is it compulsory to lie to the point of the sick person to lie for lying without perceiving that what is saying is a lie, many times he himself if convinces the lies that it is expressing as truths and not as lies. This illness can take the pseudollico to lose the tunning with the reality, therefore its lies if become absolute truths in its conscience. Mythomania also is illness where sick person has compulsion in to lie on subjects in specific, what she does not mean that the mitomanaco cannot expand the subjects of its lies, it will expand will be convenient.