Drugs make a person a person flawed, spiritually degenerate and reduce all the goals in life to search for drugs. Internal conflicts and the inability to psychological adaptation lead to the development of laziness and passivity, indifference, the degeneration of feeling will. Ethical, psychological, moral degradation of the individual makes it impossible for the development and cultivation of man. First encounter with a drug is usually to twenty years. And if this experience will grow in regular contact, the inevitable delay in the process of development of the young man. Weak social development of the individual dependent on drugs a person distorts his view of reality and makes it impossible to adapt to it. He seems to be located at the juncture of two worlds and unable to relate themselves to any one of them. His thoughts are directed at understanding their own "I" that is not the same as in real and addictive world of fantasy.

Its focuses on the disparity of the two halves of his personality. The illusion of the world attracts drugs, but at the same time makes it clear that the person is fully dependent that there is a feeling of depression. Begin to develop neurotic symptoms. Internal conflict, which is experiencing addict, becomes the cause of fear and uncertainty. This communication with healthy people.

Moreover, he tries to avoid such communication, because it considers a threat to the society of his fictional world. Therefore, drug addicts prefer to join groups. Communication with sebepodobnymi gives them confidence and visibility of optimism. But in this team there own subideologiya, which changes the objective view of the world. In the subculture of drug addicts have a sense of duty and purpose. Addicts deny any social order, their ideology is aimed at regression and depreciation of the individual. Isolation of a healthy society adds personality changes. Go all the positive qualities such as civic responsibility and moral values. Addict is irresponsible, unscrupulous, deceitful. Feelings of guilt removes the drug. The addict is able to conflict with the law, society and family people. All his actions are motivated by an irresistible desire to take the next dose of drug. Desire is the drug at the level of instinct and therefore drug addict can not resist him. And he takes a drug every price. Drugs are stronger than the instincts of animals: Feeding behavior and reproduction. Moral control is broken, making the behavior of the addict aggressive and dangerous to others. Drugs make a person rights psychological, moral degradation of the individual makes it impossible for the development and cultivation of man. Development stops at the beginning of drug use. Life stops – starts degradation, slavery, and self-destruction. And life is passing and there is nothing worse than this loss.