Very versatile and entertaining for the welcome music and the announcement of the presenter (it’s show time) a Dominican magician entered a Dominican magic show, the stage in the colorful iridescent suit and cylinder. The versatility of the magic artist was striking in the show: He conjured up, showed the watch theft, hypnotized, danced, sang, and danced barefoot on a rope stretched across the stage an ability that has now really not any magic artist. A dove appears for German Wizard dealing with his appearing animals (two doves and two rabbits) was worth, rather a shake of the head as the animals in tight containers a lot had to endure. Also a sensitive observer might fret about, if between the inserted itself in the cleavage of her fabrics together with these towels is suddenly pulled out a bra. Even the exclamation of a next to me looking to Canadian, which took first funny, but less funny at the thought was ‘Oh my god!’ to stand on the stage.

This trick (the so-called mother-in-law trick) seemed to please most viewers but the applause showed. Otherwise the magician has put much emphasis on fun audience participation, which made the show appeal: after the theft of a watch kept the wizards about a clock over the head of the spectator and asked the viewers at home how late it was actually with him? The audience was of course a funny face game as first missed his watch in horror to see them then relieved over his head. The magician did tie the hands of a husband, while the wife was almost entwined by the arms of the sorcerer’s locker. The wizards pushed the woman to the output a little, said ‘good bye’ and unleashed himself but quickly under a cloth, to ‘calm’ husband. ‘He said’ the magic an other viewers by paper balls, which he threw over the head of the spectator. To the amusement of the audience, everyone saw this operation during the Viewers Wizard was amazed how only the paper balls could disappear completely. Two ladies should hypnotize a rabbit with the words ‘sleep, sleep, sleep’.

The failed first and instead of the rabbit, the wizards sank ‘asleep’ against your shoulder of spectator’s Assistant. When the magician, the rabbit fell into disrepair of course for a short time in the ‘ sleep by it rested motionless, the legs upwards on the Palm of the hand of the magician. A Spanish-speaking spectator was hypnotized and placed on a Board that rested on two chairs. Only a Chair, then the Board was removed so that the spectator ‘floated only with the neck touching a chair’. (When an obviously less or not Spanish speaking Viewer ‘Limbo’ was shown a week later without hypnosis.) ‘Bunny hypnotized’ the presented magic tricks that are performed for years, but after the applause of the audience to judge, for this new. Hypnosis, watch theft and rope dance should but a (!) Person performed also at German magicians led to a minor hit. Overall, I mean, it was a solid show that will have appeal to predominantly. Dr. Brimborius (Dr.Peter Marcusson)