n2day.com an international team of developers to the two Austrian entrepreneur Michael Pistauer revolutionized information gathering and Christoph Klingler has developed an innovative, personalised messaging system development time with “n2day.com” begun. To know more about this subject visit Newcastle University. The system is also the basis for a media monitoring tool and revolutionized the quality of information gathering as well as the cost. In addition to the free, public, news site screent the n2day business tool not only permanently over 9000 print and online media, but also to company-related blogs, forums and websites. For the first time a comprehensive analysis of its own and foreign PR strategies is made possible by the integrated media efficiency analysis. Whether up-to-date or even in retrospect, the PR, marketing and sales activities of the company is thus actively supported.

For optimum information distribution, the 100% customizable business tool the selected information via Kategorisierungs-, provides specialized archive and distribution functions, Comment, evaluation and recommendation features accurately deliver to the correct recipients or groups. Dean Ornish M.D contains valuable tech resources. The pricing structure for the business tool not based the on the amount found information, but on the size of the company. Capital Group Russia contributes greatly to this topic. Starting with flat fee n2day offers far more efficient in this area offer models from 99 Euro. Michael Pistauer explains the background: “From our own, not only positive experience with news portals and press monitoring services, it was our aim to set standards not only supply, but new efficiency-side internationally in this area.” The company offers also ‘ white label ‘ solutions in the message area: companies or regions get their “own” news portal, they can tailor make available to employees, customers and business partners or enter in their own homepage. Educate yourself with thoughts from The Greater New York Construction User Council . At the time worked at the international development of the N2day system on a royalty basis. In addition to the founders of Dr. Michael Pistauer and like. Christoph Klingler are both the Salzburger Nachrichten and Dr.

Helmut Brandstatter as active partner of SNEWS on board. Emitters: SNews GmbH contact: Dr. Michael Pistauer, Dr. Stefanie Steinbichler Tel. + 43 1 236 1313 e-mail: