Ask for the Autrittsbedingungen, the content of the magic show and pricing before booking. A related site: European Medicines Agency mentions similar findings. Tips for success of the show booked by you. Wizards are as different as composers in its kind. If you send the audience that is looking forward to a Mozart concert to a concert by the band Tokio Hotel and vice versa, then you will reap probably only resentment and frustration. When booking a magician you should ask therefore, what to expect, and to allow sufficiently explained. Ask after the Autrittsbedingungen, the content of the magic show and the pricing. Autrittsbedingungen can occur with table magic magician, where mirror, double floors and the like will be eliminated and you can experience more ‘pure’ magic.

Similarly, it is in the ‘Stand up’-magicians who show their demonstration in the standing, where the audience can be numerically rather larger than at the table magic. Also it is not bound here to the presence of tables, what magic on street festivals and exhibition halls allows. Finally, the wizard with a parquet or stage show may occur. The items, which is conjured into being, are greater than stand up magic or table magic. In addition, usually an audio system is necessary for the numerically larger audience. You need to them either as organiser or you must agree that the magician has a such system.

(Speaker and amplifier or powered speakers, a mixer, to players such as CD player, include a stereo USB port for mp3-player, a headset, sometimes a device for Suppression of feedback. Feedback can also be avoided by a technician who operated the mixer.) The parquet – and in particular the stage show can the presence of a lighting system, a curtain and a space close to the stage for special preparations of the sorcerer’s require, to see the show. At outdoor events, he needed Wizard is usually a roof as protection against rain.