Stammzellen-Einlagerung biological life insurance, recommended by the cooperation partners of ZEUS and eticur) the blood of the umbilical cord contains large amounts of stem cells. This valuable life-building blocks, which immediately can be obtained after birth and kept frozen, have fascinating properties. You are already successfully used for treating diseases and are considered the hope of the medicine of tomorrow. Stem cells from umbilical cord blood are still no specific tissue. Whether heart, liver, brain, nerve, bone, cartilage, skin, or blood cells these stem cells are real all-rounders and able to differentiate into every type of cell in an organism. Many application successes were achieved in a wide variety of diseases already: the improvement of heart function after myocardial infarction, the regeneration of damaged cartilage and bone tissue, the recovery of bone marrow after chemotherapy for cancer, improving incontinence disorders, the treatment of diabetes or the Leukemia treatment of siblings.

In addition, internationally renowned research groups working on a multitude of future applications such as Parkinson’scher disease, multiple sclerosis, paraplegia, Alzheimer’s disease, or the replacement of damaged organs. The high-quality testing, to be able to offer processing and storage of stem cells, working according to the current state of science and technology eticur) together with the are and Hamostaseologischen Department of the University Hospital Erlangen. Experienced, internationally recognised experts ensure processing, testing and storage, using highest standards. It establishes a finished product, which also guarantees can be used if necessary. ZEUS plus children protection letter on protection for children with parents, ZEUS offer children protection letter their children the necessary safeguards, to give them one to allow worry-free future. An accident leads to a permanent impairment of the physical or mental Performance (invalidity) of the at least 40% of the Zeus provides children protection letter a progressive accident pension payment. Furthermore, the ZEUS children protection letter about the accidental disability offers beyond the coverage.