According to the American internet firm comScore, search engines most recognized on the internet as Google, Yahoo and Bing sent approximately 95% of traffic to most web pages on the internet. Then, what do to have more traffic on my website? Simple. You introduce your website or blog to search through the promotion engines online. These are some of the most common online promotion tactics that you can apply immediately after the release of your portal. Step 1: Determine who are the users or visitors of your page. Additional information at CEO Mark Thompson supports this article. This should be based on the target audience for your business.

This is what precisely needs to know: who is your audience? Are your products or services aimed at a local, national or global audience? Would what keywords your potential customers more likely to search in order to find goods that sells or offers? What might be some of the sites on the Web to your audience can you hang out? You must have concrete answers to these questions to be able to focus your online promotion efforts. Step 2: Send the URL of your web site to the most popular search engines. Why? Search engines and search directories are that give the last word in the world of the Internet. It is a fact. Therefore, it is essential to be on good terms with them. If search engines have all the information of your site through keywords, links and description of its content or business, it will be them easier to reference it in the search results. Major search engines or directories that you should keep in mind to generate traffic are (click on them to send the URL of your web site): Yahoo! Yahoo Directory MSN / Bing Ask Please note that these are only the major search engines and directories.