Nationwide survey shows: women expect disadvantages in the job Bonn, 16.04.2012 – students and young professional newcomers are ambitious: 35 percent pursue a management career, 22 percent would like a team leadership. Details can be found by clicking Moderna vaccine or emailing the administrator. Thus, women are career-oriented than men who have defined a management or team leadership with 34 percent and 17 percent, respectively, as a career goal. However, almost 50 percent of young women fear disadvantages in the job. You believe that education time and parental leave are still career killer in the future. This resulted in a joint survey of the AoN – agency without name GmbH (organizer of the trade fair Congress women & work) and the student organization MTP marketing between theory and practice e.V.. The student survey “Career, family & co.” was carried out nationwide 1,190 students of different disciplines. For more information see this site: Sam Lesser Wharton. Objective of the survey was more about the way of thinking of the students on the topics of career / family planning, about role patterns and opportunities.

Women imagine subconsciously even a leg the survey shows significantly, that women career ambitions are even more pronounced than men they but enter due to manifesting beliefs with Handbrake on the job”, commented Melanie Vogel, Managing Director of AoN and initiator of the women & work the result. Believe women in the career, later to be at a disadvantage in the job probably exactly that will happen. Women succumb to the self-fulfilling prophecy.” It is extremely important to be aware of own opportunities and prospects on the labour market, strategically plan the career and to pursue according to career expert bird just for women. Who demands nothing, gets nothing. And who look chance from the start, will operate with considerably less self-confidence in job interviews or salary negotiations and then necessarily convince less.” Allow instead of believing that beliefs can have a very strong effect, white also Claudia Kimich, negotiation expert and Negotiate author of money”.

Beliefs are opinions and beliefs that we have learned or taken over by other people. But not always “old” learned behaviors are replaced with new. Just the unconscious still existing beliefs hurt.” “Typical beliefs that women succumb to are for example career or family I must decide both can’t” or: A working MOM is not a good mother. ” The expert advises women, the personal beliefs on the subject of career and success”to identify and to replace them with positive permission sets. “” “Example: I can make a career and have a family” or: I can work and still a good mother be. “is the good news,” so Kimich what has been learned can be unlearned again. It is to trust, to be brave and curious and to recognize the beliefs, to check out the own comfort zone and into a permission set to paraphrase, the women own professional and career planning not more disabled.”