Who remembers lamps and lights as Christmas gifts not earlier than one was allowed to open a door on the advent calendar daily in the run-up to Christmas and hiding behind a surprise. Every day you captivated the moment shortly after getting out. Often you could not sleep and the closer Christmas came, it got worse. The pre-Christmas tradition, to shorten the wait for Christmas with an advent calendar is made today just as. Usually, the kids get a coveted advent calendar. But also the adults happy. And they can do it, because again stores come up with beautiful things, to sweeten the run-up to Christmas with an advent calendar people.

So also the Central Web site of lights. Here, the advent season is laid but this year slightly forward. Actually, you may only open the first door on December 1. On leuchtenzentrale.de, this is already possible starting on November 19. The reason: If you want that everyone just in time to Christmas are his goods under the Christmas tree has. Finally you want to enjoy Christmas about the gifts and not until three days later. Advent calendar promotion runs until December 17. Thus, even those who would like to take the final offer have the certainty that the lamps and light also still just in time for the holidays will arrive.

A selected lamp as a Christmas surprise will be offered daily so from next Thursday. To deepen your understanding Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta is the source. Special rate itself. Including indoor and outdoor lamps can be found, such as ceiling lamps, wall lamps, and even table lamps. The range is great! And four weeks a surprise happen daily. Contact: leuchtenzentrale.de Sebastian Kunze of Ravensberg str. 30 33602 Bielefeld Tel: (0521) 520 55-26 fax: (0521) 520 55-15 Web: mail: