While the Bolivian crisis boils, in London ended a Conference of archaeologists and ethnologists which to re-examine the Andean past heat up the debate on the present. According to Professor Cerron incas wore the camba Word synonymously with idle and colla peoples of speaks puquina, an arawakan language very different from quechua or Aymara, and is closely related to the of campas them Peruvians (who prefer to tell them ashanincas), or the cambas mojos of the Bolivian East. Aimara came from Chavin (emerged 3,000 years ago in Ancash) and quechua of Huari (in Ayacucho 1,500 to 1,100 years ago). The first incas came from Bolivia and were abandoning their native puquina to adopt the language of Cuzco (Aymara) and then of the Chinchaysuyo (quechua). History gives strange twists. The camba term no longer is used as a disparaging Amazonian tribes but with pride by an anti-indigenista blancoide nationalism. The colla Word is used to describe peoples whose languages quechua and Aymara them they were imposed from the current Peru. Original author and source of the article..