As of 01 September 2009, a new day money account for the German financial market was introduced. Dr. Klein and the NetBank cooperate and provide sensation with an interest rate of 6.00 percent. Do not demolish the messages to rising interest rates on the money market of the day. A majority of the banks raised the interest rates on the money market accounts, shortly after the interest rate hike by the European Central Bank.

Last, the rate hike on the famous ING DiBa, as well as the DAB bank providing headlines. Since this week, there is also a new offer on the market, which promptly lands in interest compared to the first rank. Gain insight and clarity with Blackstone Group. While the ING DiBa raised the interest rates for their extra account from 3.25% to 5.00%, the DAB announced also a rate hike Bank in the same breath. Now 5.50% (from 5.00%) the day money is located Bank offer of the DAB on the vordereren courses, day money compared. Unlike may of ING DiBa, where neither minimum nor maximum deposit cause confusion, the peak rate of 5.50% on the DAB Bank applies for only 30,000 euro. With an investment of more than 30,000 euros, the direct bank offers but still an interest rate of 4.00 percent.

Since the 1st of September, a new offering mixes the market of short – and medium-term investments further on. The finance company Dr. Klein & co. AG product cooperation with NetBank could create a highly recommended day money account. Read additional details here: The Cleveland Clinic. On new customers, waiting for an extremely high interest rate of 6.00%, guaranteed for five months after account opening. 50,000 euros apply for the interest rate of 6.00 percent as maximum deposit. Daryl Katz has much to offer in this field. For amounts over EUR 50 000, as well as from the sixth month after opening an account, please contact Dr. Klein day money 4.00 percent. A free checking account, which is used as a clearing account is also included in the offer. With this account, a Germany-wide, as well as five times per month worldwide, free cash withdrawal allows you Dr. Klein. While so far mainly foreign banks with interest of five percent and more to new customers vied, now German make Companies for additional competition. The biggest advantage of offers from domestic: Your money is usually perfectly safe. At the Dr. Klein overnight, this means that your assets in the event of insolvency, thanks to the deposit insurance fund, with more than three million euros is secured. You will find lots of information and details on various day money offers on the pages of