The bag falls in line with the rest of European parks. The Minister of economy ensures that the markets trust us. There is a lot of sensitivity, why they vary both values. The risk premium on Spain on Thursday ended the session of the secondary market of public debt in 274 basis points on a day in which investors fears about the bailout to Greece boosted it up to maximum levels in 2011. So half session, the country risk of Spain, which is measured with the profitability of the national bond to ten years and the German, came to its annual peak of 282 basis points affected by the inability of the European Union (EU) and the European Central Bank (ECB) to reach an agreement on the second plan of aid to the Greek economy. ortgage-reverse/’>American Advisors Group to increase your knowledge. Liver cancer does not necessarily agree. The risk premium is close to its all-time high, reached last November 30 when stood at the close of the session at 289 basis points.

The 10-year Spanish bond yields today exceeded 5.6%, from 5.5% to marked at the opening of the session of the debt market, while the German bond yield fell, remained below 3% and closed at 2.9%. Despite the upturn, the risk premium on Spain is still far from other peripheral EU countries, since in Greece exceeds the 1,500 basis points, Ireland is in 863 and of Portugal passes from 790. The second Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of economy Elena Salgado, recalled for his part to cadena SER that the evolution of the risk premium is closely related to the worsening of the crisis in Greece and pointed out that there is an almost general instability in this market by this circumstance, which particularly affects Italy, Belgium and Spain. To be in a process of reforms and fiscal consolidation, there is great sensitivity in markets who see Spain, causing investor turbulence due to the situation in Greece. The Minister stressed that the latest broadcasts of debt by Spain has gone well, so markets continue to have confidence in us, at the time that recalled how the situation afflicting Greece affects the markets in general and not only to a country that is associated with helena crisis. The Bosa falls for its part, the bag dropped 0.15 per cent, which prevented him from reaching 10,000 points, in line with the rest of European squares, in a day again marked by uncertainty about the future of Greece, and its cto on the rest of European countries.

Thus, the Spanish stock market IBEX 35 selective index ceded 14,60 points, 0.15%, up to 9.918,50 points, and annual earnings shrank to 0,60%. The main squares in Europe, with the euro at 1,415 dollars, closed in negative: the Eurostoxx 50 index fell 0.03%; Frankfurt, the 0.07%; Milan, the 0.33%; Paris 0.38% and 0.76% London. During the day, Spain won for the second time this week close a way to debt issuance relatively satisfactory, after award of 2.839,5 million euros, of which 1.513,15 corresponded to obligations to 1.326,35 million euros with a maturity of eight years and fifteen years. Source of the news: the risk premium on Spanish climbing to 274 basis points by the doubts of the Greek crisis