Galbani means confidence. In XTEL the company leader in Italy and anywhere in the world in milky products, has confirmed its preference by XTEL like supplier of solutions for the automatization of commercial processes, adopting the majority of the modules of suite SM1. Bologna, January 2011 the Group Lactalis Italy reunites to the most prestigious marks of the Italian milky tradition (Galbani, Invernizzi, Locatelli, Cademartori, Vallelata) and the first French cheese mark in the world: Prsident. The company, therefore, takes impulse with the most famous and prestigious Italian, rich nourishing companies of history and tradition, and is member of the first world-wide group in the milky sector, the Groupe Lactalis. In Italy he is absolute leader in the sector of milky, and is also one of the main actors in the inlay market. In addition, the Galbani mark, with more than 400 products than is commercialized in more than 100 different countries, is the Italian cheese mark more exported in the world. In summary, a true giant that is constructed to its reputation and its success on the confidence of the consumer (as its famous motto Galbani means confidence ), conquered by means of the respect of the traditions in the production and the application of the most demanding controls. The quality of products, the protection of the health of the consumers and its total satisfaction from always have been the main objectives of the company, that in order to provide such guarantees has adopted specific procedures throughout the production chain. It is obvious that to hold this position, all the commercial processes must be effective, efficient and innovating. It is not by chance that Group Lactalis Italy has renewed its confidence in XTEL, European leader in solutions for the commercial process automation of the companies that operate in the industry of the goods of great consumption, adopting the majority of the modules of the suite Salts One Masters of XTEL.