The joint venture was founded in 2006 by bastion and Gong Verlag in the year, German puzzle publishing GmbH & co. KG is expanding. With 45 regular puzzles magazines and various special issues, the German publisher of puzzle is present year with over 50 million books in the German-speaking market. After the successful introduction of this booklet “the current” special Sudoku and “bastion special puzzles ‘ Sudoku in 2007 follows now another mystery series with specialized riddles. The booklet “the current” crossword puzzle every day includes only crossword in different variants. The appearance of the title is planned in the 2-monatlichen rhythm. A further new release there was also in the area of “books with large font”. Here was the existing portfolio of “special mystery in large font” and “The great puzzles newspaper” added to the title “Word search game in large font”. These booklets are designed specifically for older people with poor eyesight designed. You can find current information on this and all other titles of Publisher see contact: Marietta Becker German puzzle publishing GmbH & Co.KG Munich Street 101/09 85737 Ismaning phone: 089/27 27 0-8620 fax: 089/27 27 0-7890-email: